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How to Crochet Jam Jar Candleholders with String

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How to Make Your Own Undies

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Video: How to Make a Knitting Bag from Two Bandanas

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Amaco Stone Texture Glaze ST65 Burnt Orange - GROUP-GLAMST65 - Crafts sku

Amaco Stone Texture Glaze ST65 Burnt Orange - GROUP-GLAMST65 by Amaco Glazes

Item description: This Crafts Ceramics product is by Amaco Glazes - The ST glaze series flows a little in the firing, settling in the crevices and towards the bottom of a vertical surface. Therefore, when applied over a textured surface they will produce antique-like variations or a weathered and worn out look on the higher relief areas of the piece. Because they move slightly, care should be taken to taper down the glaze application towards the bottom of the piece so that the piece will not stock to the kiln shelf during firing. When applied over red clay, the clay color showing through the high relief contrasts and blends with the glaze color and the entire piece is enriched by the warm undertones.Best applied over Cone 04 bisque. Recommended firing temperature is Cone 05, however they could be fired lower to Cone 06 or higher to Cone 04 to produce different effects. Do not be afraid to experiment. Can also be used by applying over or under other glazes like the LG series or within their own... Learn More

Manufacturer: Amaco Glazes

Keywords: Crafts & Hobbies

Category: Ceramics


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