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New X-Wing, Legend of the Five Rings Releases Available From Fantasy Flight

Its quite a release day for Fantasy Flight. Theyve got Wave III for X-Wing that you can pick up, including fighters for pretty much every faction. Theyve also got new books for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG out. Theres the Shadowlands book as well as Mask of the Oni adventure. All are available now. From the website: Take a look at the latest products from Fantasy Flight Games, now available at your local retailer or online through our webstore!  Source...

Game to Grow Running Critical Core RPG Kickstarter

Critical Core is a new RPG thats up on Kickstarter. But its a little different than most, as it was designed with the Autism spectrum in mind. Its been put together to help those who are autistic build social skills and confidence. Knowing several people on the spectrum as I do, Im certainly excited to see a product like this being produced. From the campaign: A special kind of magic happens when kids gather around a table to play a fantasy role-playing game. Legends are born, friendships are ...

RiotMinds Running Ruin Masters Fantasy RPG Kickstarter

Everything old is new again. RiotMinds is looking to bring back the classic fantasy RPG, Ruin Masters, and theyve taken to Kickstarter to get it done. This new version looks to update the rules from its 1982 original versions and bring it to an English-speaking audience. Have yourself a look. From the campaign: Enter the world of classic fantasy and old school tabletop gaming. Adventure in the ruins of the past, set out on a treasure hunt in Ruin Masters. Published for the first time in 1982, ...

Limitless NPCs Up On Kickstarter

Limitless Adventures is running a new Kickstarter campaign. In this case, its Limitless NPCs. Now, as much as it would be cool to actually be limitless, there arent actually an infinite number of NPCs in the book. That would take too long to print. However, there are over a hundred of them for your 5th edition D&D games, and thats pretty good to fill up quite a few sessions in your games. From the campaign: 101 setting-neutral  Non-Player Characters  5e stat blocks Creative CR a...

The Forbidden Library Adventure and Sourcebook Up On Kickstarter

For all you bibliophiles in the audience, theres a new adventure and sourcebook up on Kickstarter for 5th edition D&D. Its called Tales and Tomes from the Forbidden Library. Ive already had one author friend who I sent the link to go, ooooooh! in response. If youre a fan of books and want to bring that love to your character, this is your chance. From the campaign: Originally presented to authors in the Gen Con Writers Symposium as a series of adventures in front of a live audience, Tales ...

Thursday Terrain Corner

Happy Friday Eve, everyobody. Also, I realize that its now spring. A new season is upon us. My week is still extremely busy and just racing by, so lets get you some terrain before we race into the weekend. Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Prepainted Terrain From Manorhouse Workshop, Endor Defense Map for Imperial Assault Announced, New Sci-Fi Battlemat Books Available From Loke Battlemats, and New Map Packs and Battlemat Available For Battletech. New Prepainted Terrain From Manorhouse W...

SKU-E060 25

25" Giant Chess Pieces - E060 by ChessHouse.com

Item description: This Chess Board Games product is by ChessHouse.com - Join in on the fun! Watch the excitement and enthusiasm grow when you add giant chess to your party or event. 25" giant chess is ideal for so many occasions, indoor or outdoor. There are so many creative ways to enjoy it. Here are some ideas: Poolside, park, recreation facility, gym, campground. Each giant chess set is 25" tall! You'll just need a 64 square chessboard to play on! Use either your own surface or a giant chess mat. The Nylon Chess Mat (see accessories) is easy to setup and take down. The pieces are molded good and strong and have inherent weight. If you want extra weight for especially windy places, just fill the pieces with sand or water. ChessHouse has sold hundreds of giant chess sets to home owners and individuals as well as schools, parks, hotels, and just about any kind of facility. This product will last for years! You will find the production quality excellent and superior to other giant chess products on the market. Replacement pieces are available if you ever lose a piece Shipping information: delivered in 2-6 business days $5 flat rate shipping to US 48 states Ships via UPS only*Please note that all Giant Chess Sets ship via UPS only. Specifications: King - 25 in. (2.10 lb) Queen - 22 1/2 in. (2.8 lb) Bishop - 20 3/4 in (2.4 lb) Knight - 17 3/4 in. (2.2 lb) Rook - 16 3/4 in. (1.12 lb) Pawn - 16 in. (1.5 lb) Piece base - 9 1/2 in. diameter (1 lb)Packing Dimensions: Box 1, 32lb, 31" x 29" x 20" Box 2, 32lb, 31" x 26" x 21" OPTION (Additional cost): 3 Year Parts Replacement Plan for 25" Giant Chess The 3 Year Parts Plan makes it painless and fast to replace stolen, lost, or broken pieces should the need ever arise. Anyone in your organization can simply email or phone in with the confirmation number and the parts requested, and we ship them out immediately free of charge. Covers the Parts and Shipping cost of 10 replacement pieces 3 Years from Date Purchased. Available with purchase of Giant Chess Pieces or with set purchased less than 6 months ago from Chess House. For Giant Chess Products E060 and E052When you sign-up for this plan, you'll receive an email confirmation with straightforward instructions on how to request the parts. You can even save or share with your staff as needed. You'll receive an email with tracking when your parts are shipped as well.... Learn More

Manufacturer: ChessHouse.com

Category: Board Games


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