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Prepare Now, Play Later

Well today is one of those rare slow days here at Trailhead Supply. Iím sure it has nothing to do with the icy roads and blowing snow outside! For most of you reading this, thatís not really motivating you to go out and saddle up to hit the trail for a ride today. But it is for me!† I brought in my riding saddle with me today to the store. †I put it on a saddle stand and drug it under one of our big shop heaters to warm up the leather so I can oil it up and check it out (which you all should be ...

January is the new Spring

As I drove in early this morning, earlier than normal, on super slick roads, freezing rain was falling on top of all our snow we already have. What a slick mess!!!† As I slid around a corner I looked over and told Odie (Trailhead Supplyís shop dog and my co-pilot) not to worry, spring was right around the corner.† How can I say that †Since you are reading this while having a big cup of coffee trying to warm up after shoveling the car out once again. Because this week I didnít have coffee with th...

Plan, Prepare, Perform

I was having a cup of coffee with the regulars sitting around the Trailhead Supply coffee pot. Everyone was talking about their Christmas adventures, and all the snow that they have either plowed or shoveled from the New Years storm.† The conversation kinda shifted to what we all are planning to do for the next 2 months since the snow is already knee deep and its bitter cold outside. I for one will be planning.† Planning my summer pack trips!!! Its only a couple months away, the snow wonít last ...

Batten down the Hatches!!!

Well according to NOAA we are in for one hell of a snow storm.† And that is the talk of the town. I donít really understand all the hype over a snow stormÖThis is NW Montana and it is December, not to mention the song ďIím dreaming of a White ChristmasĒ is playing non-stop on the radio. Why is everyone getting all excited about a foot of snow If we even get a foot of snow. The forecast is never right. †Itís the weathermanís fault! We all believe everything he says. People hang on every word he s...

All I want for ChristmasÖ

?Over the last several days it seems like all Iíve been doing is racing around to get online orders packed up, boxed, and labeled. A big stack everyday just sitting all ready for either the FedEx guy or the mail lady to pick up, to start that long journey to their final destination.† Panic mode hasnít started yet, but will in a few more days. The phone will ring and Iíll hear a voice say ďCan you get that here for Christmas Could you send it straight to them Can you wrap it and put a card in the...

Over the River and through the WoodsÖ

For years now, the kids have been trying to get me to go to my momís for ChristmasÖ Itís not that I donít want to spend time with mom, I love to spend time with mom. †Itís that I donít want to go anywhere in the winter. Not due to the weather and traveling, because of the horses and mules.† If anything is going to go wrong, itís in the winter. Frozen water, a storm blows a tree across the fence, or one of them slips and falls. Winter is tough enough, and when is ChristmasÖwinter!!! †But after a ...

Crkt Iota Eat'n Tool - Silver - 533262 - Camping sku

Crkt Iota Eat'n Tool - Silver - 533262 by Crkt

Item description: This Camping Camping Access product is by Crkt - The CRKT Iota Eatn Tool is the brainchild of Tom Stokes. Dont let the size fool you. This high-tech outdoor multitool is a spoon, fork, can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver, 1/4 wrench and package opener in one compact unit. Made of 2Cr13 stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 42-48. Nonweight-bearing carabiner makes it easy to snap this tool onto a key chain, clothing, pack and belt loops. Length: 3.2. Wt: 0.6 oz. Colors: Black, Silver. Color: Silver.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Crkt

Keywords: Camp Cooking

Store: We offer a huge selection of quality-first menís and womenís apparel, field-proven footwear, automotive and marine accessories, nature-inspired home dťcor, and commercial-grade food-processing tools and kitchenware. Constantly updated sale items, customer incentives and the popular Bargain Cave also make us a value leader with special buys on top items and great money-saving deals.

Category: Camping Access


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