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Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Many of you know, since a lot of you follow us on Facebook, Trailhead Supply was at the Salmon Select Sale last weekend in Salmon Idaho for the horse and mule auction. We had a great time talking and visiting over a hot cup of coffee. With any auction the topic that was discussed over and over was the selling price of the flesh running through the sale ring.  To me buying at an auction is just like Vegas.  I love the sale ring, I do my homework, the breeding, the trainer, age, color, confirmatio...

Is Used Really Worth It?

The door of the store (Trailhead Supply) swings open, and in walks one of our favorite customers. He is carrying a used decker pack saddle. He then tosses it in a pile on the store floor and announces that he just picked this up off a Craig’s list ad, and got a screaming deal.  All it needs is a little oil and she will be as good as new. So, I grab a tub of my favorite leather conditioner and started to ring it up.  He said “Aren’t you even going to look at it” “You’re the one that said it only ...


Today I was placed into an elite group…I was referred to as crotchety, (an old packer) Well if their Webster dictionary defines crotchety as “Been bucked off, stepped on, rolled a saddle, lost a horse in the middle of the night, but found him, built or repaired tack out of bailing twine, pulled a pack string all night in the driving rain to be on time to start in the morning, figured stuff out all by yourself, would rather ride by myself than a head to tail ride with lots of people, loves sittin...

It’s Here…

Well it finally got here, you know…SPRING!!!  It stopped snowing for the most part, in fact all 3 feet of snow that we have in the driveway has started to melt.  But here is the deal at our ranch, spring is officially the 21st.  Spring is not the 20th for two reasons. First, you can’t have observed something on a given date for 50 something years of life on a certain date and then because someone says “whoops” the earth is revolving at a different speed around the moon or whatever, then up and c...

The 4 Most Overlooked Parts of Your Saddle

Well tis the season, it may still be snowing outside but folks can feel spring coming. Every year about this time everyone starts dragging out their saddles, to start the process of cleaning and oiling, getting already for the first possible day to hit the trail. I start getting pictures emailed to me or folks stopping by Trailhead Supply asking me to give my thoughts if a given strap has yet another year of life.  Lets stop right there…If you have any doubts on if a strap or a piece of tack wil...

Who Needs the Hearing Aid

I need one…You need one… I’m sure things around my ranch are just about the same as they are at yours.  My wife tells me often how deaf I am and how I need hearing aids.  She tells the kids, and everyone she knows, how I can’t hear.  She has told the world that I should go get my hearing checked.  She just doesn’t hear me answer her is the problem. I’ve been told I just have selective hearing.  The truth of the matter is, she probably needs one more than I do… Take last night, I come in from a l...

Crkt Iota Eat'n Tool - Silver - 533262 - Camping sku

Crkt Iota Eat'n Tool - Silver - 533262 by Crkt

Item description: This Camping Camping Access product is by Crkt - The CRKT Iota Eatn Tool is the brainchild of Tom Stokes. Dont let the size fool you. This high-tech outdoor multitool is a spoon, fork, can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver, 1/4 wrench and package opener in one compact unit. Made of 2Cr13 stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 42-48. Nonweight-bearing carabiner makes it easy to snap this tool onto a key chain, clothing, pack and belt loops. Length: 3.2. Wt: 0.6 oz. Colors: Black, Silver. Color: Silver.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Crkt

Keywords: Camp Cooking

Store: We offer a huge selection of quality-first men’s and women’s apparel, field-proven footwear, automotive and marine accessories, nature-inspired home décor, and commercial-grade food-processing tools and kitchenware. Constantly updated sale items, customer incentives and the popular Bargain Cave also make us a value leader with special buys on top items and great money-saving deals.

Category: Camping Access


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