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Still Riding?

I guess I will never understand those folks who think or treat riding as a season.  Horses get pulled out and dusted off Memorial Day weekend and put them away for winter Labor Day weekend.  That’s like 90 days and change worth of possible riding, but yet you feed and care for the stock an additional 9 months. Your horses and mules would much rather be doing what they are meant to do, rather than standing in some paddock somewhere doing nothing!  Last week the kids and I went elk hunting. But mo...

Never Quit

In our lives we meet that one person that becomes more than a friend. If you’re really lucky they become closer than family…that was our friend Steve. Steve was like a second dad to my kids.  As many of you know we closed Trailhead Supply for five straight days last week, this is unheard of! Trailhead Supply is a family owned and family run business. So, for the first time since we opened in 2009 we went on a family hunting trip in the middle of nowhere. We fought the snow, the ice, and the bitt...

Cool Clear Water

Camping with horses can and will be a challenge at times. Let’s be real it is tough enough to plan a camping trip for just you and I, let alone for one, two, or more 1250-pound animals.  Just when you think you have it down you go somewhere new or invite a friend to join in who is new to the whole horse camping thing. There are a lot of variables but feed and water are two huge factors that one must plan for. Normally not an issue for me! I pull my pack string around NW Montana, I know where the...

What's Under Your Tree?

I ran over to the local hardware store to pick up a couple of things. First stop was for a cup of coffee and grab a free bag of popcorn. Now that I’m prepared for the long walk around the store, I was off. As I rounded the first corner then the next, and then… “Oh Lord!” They are putting out Christmas stuff. What the It isn’t even Halloween, hunting season hasn’t really started yet, Thanksgiving is 6 weeks away and it hasn’t even snowed. So, really do we need Christmas this soon  I got so rattle...

The Truck Ride…Home

We were having coffee this morning around Trailhead’s coffee pot, when one story led to another. And we were told of this past weekend’s story of moving cows…to many cows into too small of pen, to be exact. Next thing the horse turned smashing our friend between the corral panel and the rear of the cow. At that point the pants got dropped to show off the new large purple bruise. That lead to the conversation about another friend’s shoulder now full of nails, screws and pins. Then, everyone looke...

A Family or ….Two

We all have a family, whether we want to claim them or not is another issue. Your family starts with a biological set of parents, does it Life starts with a set of biological parents a family starts with love!!! I was asked the other day does your whole family pack (Which is a commonly asked question.) Then later that day I went to a very dear friend’s birthday party. Bud was celebrating his 74th trip around the sun. I pack with Bud every chance I get. I help Bud put up his hay, work around his ...

Crkt Iota Eat'n Tool - Silver - 533262 - Camping sku

Crkt Iota Eat'n Tool - Silver - 533262 by Crkt

Item description: This Camping Camping Access product is by Crkt - The CRKT Iota Eatn Tool is the brainchild of Tom Stokes. Dont let the size fool you. This high-tech outdoor multitool is a spoon, fork, can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver, 1/4 wrench and package opener in one compact unit. Made of 2Cr13 stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 42-48. Nonweight-bearing carabiner makes it easy to snap this tool onto a key chain, clothing, pack and belt loops. Length: 3.2. Wt: 0.6 oz. Colors: Black, Silver. Color: Silver.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Crkt

Keywords: Camp Cooking

Store: We offer a huge selection of quality-first men’s and women’s apparel, field-proven footwear, automotive and marine accessories, nature-inspired home décor, and commercial-grade food-processing tools and kitchenware. Constantly updated sale items, customer incentives and the popular Bargain Cave also make us a value leader with special buys on top items and great money-saving deals.

Category: Camping Access


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