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Fish On!

pSummer is here and its hot way to hot!!!†† But itís never been too hot to fish. So, around the Trailhead Supply world famous coffee pot there has been well...Some pretty big fish stories lately. You what Iím talking about; the one that got away, the new state record, no one got a picture of etc. etc. etc.† I just got back from Alaska where fishing is in full swing, big fish and everyone one getting on the plane were checking ice chest full of fillets.† I got the chance of going with my oldest d...

Whatís with your cup???

pWe all have that favorite cup, you know the one you always reach for to pour that morning cup of coffee.† We all have the ones the kids made in school or bible camp some felt pen drawings and scribbles on them. The one mom gave you from her last trip to Disney world. They mean a lot but you donít use them, they just sit in the cabinet. But thereís that one you use every day washed or not. What is the story behind that cup† Why that cup† Even here at Trailhead Supply the regulars come in and eve...


strongstrong?/strong/strong pI donít know what part of the country you are in, but here in NW Montana the red in my thermometer is banging the 100 mark. We all know what that means, itís hay season.† That wonderful time of year you get to spend quality time outside in wide open fields picking up bales. You have a limited amount of days to buy the required amount of hay you can store to feed all the horses, mules, and assorted grass eaters hanging around the ranch for the upcoming year. If you ar...

Top 3 Items

pSo, the other day as I was sitting at the computer drinking my morning cup of coffee a post popped up.† A question was askedÖ What three thing do you always carry in your saddle bags† First thing that came to my mind was toilet paper.† Iíve never seen toilet paper for sale in the back country Öand when you need it, you need it.† Only two other folks besides myself had said toilet paper as an answer.† But before I could type my response there must have been a hundred responses.† I was shocked ho...

Read the Label

pLast weekend I was supposed to go and pack gravel for the Forest Service with a couple of my buddies. Packing gravel is a great way to break in those new mules to the whole packing thing and itís a great tune up for the whole string. There are all kinds of funny sounds along with the loads kinda swinging, butÖ.if something goes not as planned its only fifty cents worth of gravel and it still gets spread just maybe not where planned. At the last minute, I wasnít able to go on this adventure, so ...

It's Time!!

pThere are only so many days a year I can embrace my passion of packing here in Northwest Montana.† Mostly due to snow pack in the high mountain passes.† This year Mother Nature got off her meds and didnít play fair and there isnít just snow pack lingering in the high passes, but all the way down in the lowlands.† The topic of conversation around the world-famous coffee pot at Trailhead Supply is trail conditions and when is the snow leaving.† The issue is when the snow does melt, and the trails...

541033 - CamelBak Forge 16-oz. Mug - Deep Sea - Camping sku

CamelBak Forge 16-oz. Mug - Deep Sea - 541033 by Camelbak

Item description: This Camping Camping Access product is by Camelbak - Use the CamelBak Forge 16-oz. Mug to bring an in-home coffee experience everywhere you go. The self-sealing, leakproof lid and lock-open button create a convenient one-handed cup you can confidently take anywhere. Lock-open button also allows you to vent and cool hot beverages. Impact cap prevents damage to the double-wall stainless steel vacuum insulation if dropped. Easy-to-clean design optimized for cup holders. Manufacturers limited lifetime warranty. Colors: Black Smoke, Olive Sky, Blue Steel, Blaze, Deep Sea. Color: Deep Sea.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Camelbak

Keywords: Camp Essentials

Store: We offer a huge selection of quality-first menís and womenís apparel, field-proven footwear, automotive and marine accessories, nature-inspired home dťcor, and commercial-grade food-processing tools and kitchenware. Constantly updated sale items, customer incentives and the popular Bargain Cave also make us a value leader with special buys on top items and great money-saving deals.

Category: Camping Access


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