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Scuba diving equipment and scuba gear at HouseofScuba.com

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First, it was the outfitters stopping by the store, stocking up on gear, to fulfill the dreams of the out of state hunters headed into the back country for that bucket list adventure; hoping to fill that high-priced tag with a big bull elk. Then came the bow hunters buying a new padded bow scabbard to protect their weapon of choice for filling their own freezer full of elk steaks. Finally, the rifle hunters, they are a hardy breed, big camps, wall tents, wood stoves, all the comforts of home pil...

Road Trip!

What a great day yesterday!!!  Odie the shop dog and I took a road trip. Got out of the store for a day and out on the highway.  We traveled over to Idaho to pick up a load of timbers we had custom cut for us. Once home, we then take these timbers cut them down again and then again, in our own shop, one step at a time to create the bars for Trailhead Supply’s own Decker pack saddles. One of the exciting things for me on the way back to Montana was that every time I stopped, let it be for coffee,...

Sunny with a chance of Haze

Wow, is it smoky today!!! That is how just about everyone in western Montana starts off a conversation anymore. In fact, I’m guessing just about anywhere in the west. Then the second sentence spoken is… “Do you ever remember it being this bad before” Probably not. It doesn’t matter if you are at the bank, grocery store, the hardware store, or pouring a cup of coffee at Trailhead Supply. All my friends and relatives are sending me message; is this fire near you As images from western Montana are ...

The New Kid

Well I did it, as most of you already know if you follow Trailhead Supply on some sort of social media… I bought another mule. I had a good feeling about her, I trust the gentlemen I buy most of my mules from. Yet she’s young, but she’s big, and going to get bigger. She’s goofy at times although she is very calm and gentle. She is broke to drive, If I had a buggy that would be great but I’m a packer, I pack.  She has never been shod, I’ll let you know how that goes since Kate has an appointment ...

Pour it in this Cup...

This week I was sitting at the airport drinking coffee out of my Trailhead Supply cup, doing one of my favorite activities…people watching. I haven’t always lived the finer life of being a packer, I had a corporate job in my past life and flew nonstop (no pun intended) around this great country of ours.  I thought there were some strange folks at our small local airport mostly tourists, then I made it to the Denver International, holy buckets I think they almost have LAX beat.  It must be the ne...

It's Supposed to be Fun!!!

There are those days I sit back and just shake my head… I hear these stories of pack trips and trail rides that just make you pour another cup of coffee, stare at the one telling you the play by play, and sit in disbelief. You can’t even bring yourself to ask “What in the hell were you thinking” At Trailhead Supply, not only do we ride the trails, we are in constant communication with land managers, trying to keep up on trail conditions to give the most real-time updates as possible. This summer...

CampMaid 3-Piece Grill Smoker - Charcoal - 541526 - Camping sku

CampMaid 3-Piece Grill Smoker - Charcoal - 541526 by Campmaid

Item description: This Camping Camping Access product is by Campmaid - CampMaids Three-Piece Gril and Smoker combines all of the convenient features of the lid holder, charcoal holder and flip grill to provide you with the ultimate outdoor cooking experience at home, in the woods or on the go. Enjoy using the flip grill and lid holder together as either a grill or a smoker, place the flip grill upside down in the Dutch oven to create a steamer, use it inside the Dutch oven to make circular cooking a breeze, or place the 12 Dutch oven over the flip grill to smoke all of your favorite meals. Charcoal holder features an adjustable heat source, plus a vented design that delivers air and wind breaks when cooking with charcoal and easily stows away inside the included Dutch oven. Sliding handles make storage simple. Squeeze-clamp releases allow the charcoal holder to be clamped onto the lid-holder shaft for cooking on the grill or on the Dutch oven lid. Hook-on lid-lifter leg lets you lift the Dutch oven out of the fire or hot coals without issue. Includes a lid holder, charcoal holder, flip grill, Dutch-oven lid-lifter, pot holder, server and warmer. 14L x 11W x 14H. Wt: 6.4 lbs. Color: Charcoal.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Campmaid

Keywords: Camp Cooking

Store: We offer a huge selection of quality-first men’s and women’s apparel, field-proven footwear, automotive and marine accessories, nature-inspired home décor, and commercial-grade food-processing tools and kitchenware. Constantly updated sale items, customer incentives and the popular Bargain Cave also make us a value leader with special buys on top items and great money-saving deals.

Category: Camping Access


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