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All I want for ChristmasÖ

span style=text-decoration: underline;span style=text-decoration: underline;?/span/spanOver the last several days it seems like all Iíve been doing is racing around to get online orders packed up, boxed, and labeled. A big stack e...

Over the River and through the WoodsÖ

pFor years now, the kids have been trying to get me to go to my momís for ChristmasÖ Itís not that I donít want to spend time with mom, I love to spend time with mom. †Itís that I donít want to go anywhere in the winter. Not due t...

Party Time...ugh!!!

pOh Lord help me, itís the start of Christmas party season. If there is one thing worse than digging the wifeís Christmas decorations out of the attic, its making the almost mandatory tour of the required parties throughout the mo...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

pTomorrow is Thanksgiving, and then comes Black Friday. I donít get the hype. Why stand in line for hours to save three dollars on a neck tie to give someone who wonít wear it anyway Instead for the last couple of years Trailhead ...

Still Riding?

pI guess I will never understand those folks who think or treat riding as a season.† Horses get pulled out and dusted off Memorial Day weekend and put them away for winter Labor Day weekend.† Thatís like 90 days and change worth o...

Never Quit

pIn our lives we meet that one person that becomes more than a friend. If youíre really lucky they become closer than familyÖthat was our friend Steve. Steve was like a second dad to my kids. †As many of you know we closed Trailhe...

Cool Clear Water

pCamping with horses can and will be a challenge at times. Letís be real it is tough enough to plan a camping trip for just you and I, let alone for one, two, or more 1250-pound animals.† Just when you think you have it down you g...