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Precinct Omega Releases Ballmonsters

You know... Im a fan of games with a unique premise. And this one certainly seems to be it. Precinct Omega has taken over production and distribution of Macrocosm Miniatures Ballmonsters. And theyre working on a game using the floating fellows thats something akin to billiards... of sorts... played if the balls were alive and bit people. From the announcement: A couple of years ago, Macrocosm Miniatures enjoyed a successful Kickstarter campaign to release a range of spherical monsters in their...

Kitbash Games Announces Supers Unlimited Miniatures Game Coming to Kickstarter

While Im sure that nobody wants to see me in a spandex outfit, there are many out there that can pull it off. Mostly, theyre also the ones doing superheroic deeds. Kitbash Games is going to launch a Kickstarter next year for Supers Unlimited, their new line of superhero-inspired figures, as well as a quick set of skirmish rules to go with them. From the announcement: Kitbash Games is delighted to announce that it will launch the Supers Unlimited miniatures range and game in January 2019. The c...

Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage And Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica Up on Roll20

When you cant always get everyone together for a gaming session because they live too far away, theres always programs like Roll20 so that you can still get gaming sessions in. Theyve recently released two new products you can use to enhance your Dungeons & Dragons sessions. The first is a new adventure, Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage. The other is the Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica. So if you want to get some loot on, or you want to further explore the realm from Magic: The Gathering, yo...

UnderWorld Deck-Building Game Up On Kickstarter

Superpowered beings exist. Theyve always existed. And theyve broken up and created 8 factions which all secretly control the world. But why only control 1/8th of the world when you can control all of it The time is right to make a move and dominate the planet. Thes the story in UnderWorld, a new deck-building card game thats up on Kickstarter now. From the campaign: Underworld is a deck-builder designed for 2-4 players. In English version, we come with miniatures and more ! The Kickstarter i...

Happy Games Factory Running ArenaBots Miniatures Board Game Kickstarter

In the desolate world of Happy Games Factorys Eden universe, many are left hunkering for shelter in underground living spaces. However, theres little to do under there, and many turn to a life of building and learning to pilot different robots. Of course, where theres an act, theres a competition to see whos best at that act. And thats what brings us to ArenaBots, a new sci-fi miniatures board game thats up on Kickstarter now. From the campaign: In the future devastated world of Eden, life is...

River Horse Announces Krowdfunder The Game

Crowdfunding has gotten hundreds of games onto peoples tabletops that might not have otherwise been made. Now, River Horse will be adding another in the form of Krowdfundinger, a lighthearted look at crowdfunding a game and getting it successfully to your tabletops. From the announcement: Welcome to Krowdfunder! Coming to a crowdfunding platform near you in 2019, this is a tongue-in-cheek, fun, and fast card game all about crowdfunding. Get yourself a project, assemble pledges, add-ons, stret...