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VQ Warbirds T-34C Turbo Mentor

This new .46 EP/GP ARF from VQ Warbirds features fiberglass cowl, working flaps, a painted pilot, optional retracts and lots of great scale details that closely match the full scale T-34C! With the big battery hatch, you can easily use either electric or glow for power. Optional factory VQ Electric retracts with oleo struts and VQ […] The post VQ Warbirds T-34C Turbo Mentor appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

FAST & LOUD! Reno Rear Bear

Sometimes, it’s not the size of the RC aircraft, but rather the sound and speed that capture the heart. This video of Ricardo la Valle flying  his Reno Racer Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat in the famous Rare Bear colors was shot at the Weston Park Model Airshow. As soon as he cranks up the engine and […] The post FAST & LOUD! Reno Rear Bear appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Go Anywhere Morphing Quad — This drone can change its size!

This drone can assess gaps and shrink to squeeze through them, while in flight! Researchers at the University of Zurich and EPFL designed an aircraft using 3D printed parts and off the shelf motor and radio system, and it can literally fold itself to fit through gaps, making it ideal for search and rescue and […] The post Go Anywhere Morphing Quad — This drone can change its size! appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

New for Premium Members — Onboard Flight Stabilizers

Three-axis flight stabilizers specifically designed for fixed-wing airplanes are a relatively recent innovation. They help the aircraft fly stable around its three axes: roll (aileron), pitch (elevator), and yaw (rudder). Today’s flight stabilizers units require a very small footprint and can be installed in aircraft of any size. There are also ready-to-fly planes that come […] The post New for Premium Members — Onboard Flight Stabilizers appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Radio Fundamentals: fly better with dual rates, expo & mixing

Utilizing your radio’s built-in programming will let you fly better with more control of your model. This article is intended for new and intermediate fliers and higghlights three important features you need to understand, dual rates, exponential, and mixing. LET’S GET STARTED First of all, when holding your radio during your flight, it’s a good […] The post Radio Fundamentals: fly better with dual rates, expo & mixing appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Flying off Water Made Easy

With 70% of the earth covered with water, shouldn’t we have a similar percentage of RC model float planes Well, maybe that’s too much to ask for but if have never given it a try, you’re really missing out. And with suitable open flying sites becoming more difficult to find, flying from public waterways, is […] The post Flying off Water Made Easy appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...