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State record catfish caught from the Nanticoke River – Photo

SEAFORD – DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife has confirmed a new state record in the Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament: a 36-pound, 3.2-ounce blue catfish, caught June 20 by Jordan Chelton of Harrington. The fish was 38˝ inc...

Two sockeye returned to Stanley Basin

The first sockeye of the year recently arrived in the Stanley Basin, including a naturally produced fish on July 27 and a hatchery fish on Aug. 2. The fish completed a 900-mile journey that included passing through eight dams and ...

Greentop angler catches state-record green sunfish – Photo

GREENTOP, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports Bowen Dockery of Greentop became the most recent record-breaking angler in Missouri when he caught a green sunfish on a private pond in Schuyler County. The new...

Bowfisherman Claims Two State Records in One Night – Photo

Most anglers will fish for a lifetime and never catch a fish large enough to claim a state record catch, but one bowfisherman managed to arrow two records in the same outing. Jimmy Ruple of Greenbrier arrowed a highfin carpsucker ...

Ozark angler hooks state-record quillback – Photo

OZARK, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports that Timothy Keene of Ozark became the most recent record-breaking angler in Missouri when he hooked a quillback on Bull Shoals Lake in Taney County using a rod an...

Lake Lamar Bruce Record Bluegill Caught

SALTILLO – A Lake Lamar Bruce record bluegill was caught on June 11, 2017 by Raymond Burns of Baldwyn, MS. The fish weighed 0.57 lbs. Lake Lamar Bruce is a 300-acre state fishing lake located in Saltillo. “Each state lake maintain...

Record White Catfish Caught in Lower Potomac River – Photo

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources confirmed a St. Mary’s County man has set a new state fishing record for white catfish. The fish was recognized as a game fish a few years ago, but until now nobody had broken the seven...