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Oakland Museum Digs Into Urban Farming

A new exhibition, Take Root, opens this weekend By Caleb Pershan Eater San Francisco Dec 14, 2017 Excerpt: The East Bay has long been fertile ground for farmers and gardeners, with chefs like Jeremiah Tower and Paul Bertolli of Ch...

City-Dwellers Take Root in Albany’s New Urban Agriculture Supply Shop

They’re busy planning outreach classes for the spring, possibly taught by volunteer Master Gardeners or County Extension workers. By Chris McDowell Corvallis AdvocateFeature December 6, 2017 Excerpt: In July, the couple opened Urb...

A PhD bursary on Urban Agriculture (School of Architecture, Portsmouth) Advertised

Drawing: Landscape with vegetable gardening (Spring). Anonymous Southern Netherlands (historic region) 16th century. Click image to see larger file. Exploring the Benefits of Soil-less Urban Agriculture University of Portsmouth &#...

Sweden: Plantagon CityFarm plans to create a network of underground urban farms

The system will save the office building 700,000 kilowatt-hours of energy a year, worth roughly three times as much as the previous tenant of the basement was paying in rent. By Adele Peters Fast Company Dec 5, 2017 Excerpt: Under...

New Orleans tour features four urban farms

Margaret Evans, a lifestyle educator and a family nurse practitioner, pets a goat at the Press Street Gardens. She was one of approximately 50 people touring four urban farms in New Orleans to learn more about the roles of communi...

Grow Food Film

Documentary filmmakers seek to charge a global movement with one big idea: growing food can fix a majority of the world’s problems Joe Rignola and Jessica Smith Filmmakers Excerpt: We have traveled the U.S. to take a meet fa...

Brunei: Workshop provides knowledge to start urban farm

Brunei local agricultural business intelligence company, Agrome IQ, recently conducted its Sprout IQ Workshop on growing tomato at one’s backyard. Borneo Bulletin Dec 5, 2017 Excerpt: The workshop held in Progresif Cellular Sdn Bh...