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Functional Scale Cockpit Hatch — Opening Up the Front Office

pWhen it comes to RC Golden Age racers, no one does  flying models better than the world recognized  guru of scale Gee Bees – Henry Haffke. When I teamed up with Henry to build the 1/3-scale version of his Howard DGA-5 “Ike”...

Online Bonus Preview — Andy Clancy’s Bee Liner — with 70 Construction Photos

pComing soon in the November issue of MAN, we have a great addition to the Lazy Bee line. Designed by the father of the Lazy Bee, Andy Clancy, the Bee Liner is a multi-motor version of the classic sport flyer with a bit of 1930s r...

Replicating WW1 German Covering — Homemade Lozenge Fabric

pTackling this particular aspect of WW I warbirds can be both challenging and rewarding. It’s really not di cult to do, once you understand the system and have relatively good organizational skills and a healthy dose of patience. ...

Blast from the Past — The Super Bee!

pJust about everyone has heard of the Lazy Bee. Designed by Andy Clancy, this sport flying, very short coupled airplane has been around for decades. Recently we published Andy’s latest design in the Bee line (the multi-motor...

Ready for Takeoff?

pWe’ll bet most of us have dreamed of flying like, but how many have what it takes to actually take off Richard Browning, founder of Gravity Industries, is a pioneer in manned flight and in this video he’s flying in hi...

Giant Glider: Real or RC … or Both?

pWe don’t this 1:1 “model” qualifies as scale, but it sure is impressive, both on the ground and in the air! Scratch-built and flown here via radio-control by Patrick Trauffer, the Elfe P2 has a 34.8-foot wingspa...

A pink (?!) WW II warbird?

pSand and spinach, sea-foam gray, navy and duck-egg blue … we’ve seen a lot of schemes for WW II Spitfires, but a pink one We came across this interesting article on io9.com and think it’s worth sharing. Author E...