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Week 7: The Time Is Now

A little under two weeks to go until spring is officially here...and, yep it’s snowing again…That’s the common topic around the Trailhead Supply coffee pot. Snow… Will it ever stop When is it going to melt I’m sick of winter!!! We all know the answer, yes it will and it won’t be long. But are you ready I can’t begin to tell you how many people have come into the store and said I need a new pack saddle, I’m packing more this year than I ever have. This is the year!!! I’m covering more miles on th...

First Aid Kit- Equine, The List...

On Tuesday and Thursday night there are pack classes being taught at Trailhead Supply. So, this week when the Thursday night class showed up, right after they asked is the coffee was ready They all asked where’s the list What list  The list of what is in your first aid kit you carry. (I was glad to see they all read Wednesday’s blog, Coffee with Andy) But so much for staying on track at pack class…So first aid it was… I carry 3 first aid kits…The first one is in the truck and stays with the truc...

Week 6: Medic!!

The first thing that comes to mind when you talk about first aid in the back country, or for that matter just out for a day ride on your favorite trail, is...Helicopters!!! Whoa!!! Hold on, the chance of needing a chopper ride to the hospital, is well, statistically just not going to happen.  I’m not saying don’t be prepared for the worse case scenario, but lets look at the everyday things that happen on the trail that you can fix and make better.  Since the weather isn’t getting any better, and...

Week 5: Keep Cooking

Keep Cooking … I was hoping to post a bunch of great camp kitchen set-ups.  But it just keeps snowing, and snowing, and snowing.  How do I break the winter blues and fight off cabin fever I cook!!! Its time to try out all those recipes you were thinking would be great out on the trail.  You know the ones I’m talking about the ones that just WOW! All your campfire guests. Once you find some great tasting dish that you and all you packing/trail riding buddies will love, then the work really starts...

Week 4: The Must Haves

Keeping with our theme we are now 4 weeks till spring, what do we really need to hit the trail I got sent a message the other day explaining to me that they are new to packing and are planning a couple of trips this summer. First a short trip, you know, a test run.  Then, off on a big trip to see parts of the world unknown. Then the question was asked...What is the must haves we need to take along We all have seen this type of post on Facebook. Thanks for the add, new to this etc etc etc and the...

Week 3: Reach Goals & Get Healthy

New Years has come and gone along with all those resolutions... Well they really never got started.  Here we are 7 weeks later and five pounds heavier with a bad case of cabin fever setting in. Thats where our Week 3 of preparation comes in. We all have been staring at the calendar, counting the days for spring to get here so we can quit shoveling snow…Well its time to do something about it! Well we can’t stop it from snowing, but we can get our head in the game and shake that winter time slump....

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  • Coleman High Stand

    Coleman High Stand
    A lightweight, compact and portable stand for use with camp cook stoves. Add a wooden top, and it provides a stable platform for meal preparation. Constructed o...(more)

    $24.99 More Details
  • Grabber Warmers

    Grabber Warmers
    Cold weather will never keep you from any outdoor activity when you go afield with these handy, safe chemical warming packs. No flame or external heat source is...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Zodi Hotman Extreme S/C Shower

    Zodi Hotman Extreme S/C Shower
    Take a refreshing shower in the field with this Hotman Extreme S/C. Just attach a 16-ounce propane bottle to the heavy-duty burner, fill the tank with water and...(more)

    $199.99 More Details
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