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Food or Freeze Dried?

There was a recent post on Facebook on one of the packing pages talking about your back country menus. I love food and therefore I loved reading everyone’s comments, hacks and ideas.  The thing that surprised me was how many packers said their back country menu was made up of Mountain House You know freeze dried food… Now I have nothing against freeze dried food, I have probably consumed more than the average guy, and if you add my daughter Sydney into the equation, it would be safe to say we ha...


As summer come on and everyone is thinking of gearing up and heading to a trail head remember life is short and you need to enjoy life to the fullest!!! Get out there and make it happen, cover some miles, make some memories. The lawn doesn’t always need mowed and the car doesn’t need washed, spend that time with friends and family. Here at Trailhead Supply sometimes it’s more of a confessional than a pack store. A customer and I will be having coffee and the store empties out except for the two ...

How to Manty…

To manty or not to manty that is the question… Not everything fits in a pannier and you can’t top pack every odd thing you want or need to bring along, so, what is one to do Well I manty almost everything I pack, and once you get it down the skies the limit to what you can pack and take along. It’s as fast as stuffing things into a box or bag. It’s so simple it’s confusing…Slinging mantied loads also allows you to adjust and balance your weight from side to side just by raising and lowering your...

The Mantie

What is a manty  Well to start with depending who’s book you read or what seminar you went to maybe even the last pack clinic you attended the spelling is probably different. (manty, mantie, manty tarp, etc)  The spelling of the word isn’t the only thing that changes, the size changes as well, along with the country or origin.  Those of you who run sawbucks like 7’ x 7’ manties, the guys that run decker pack saddles run 7’ x 8’ manties and there are still a handful living in the dream world look...

Bed in the Backcountry

As the day comes to an end, you’re sitting by the fire looking up at all those stars, and taking in all the back country has to offer. Finishing off that last cold one, recapping all the miles you covered in the saddle today. One last trip over to check the stock before hitting the hay for an early start in the morning.  But its not the bed you have become accustom to, its not the bed your still making payments on to the bank. You won’t be curled up in some soft 1800 thread count Egyptian sheets...

Spring Tune Up

Who’s got a trip or trips on the calendar for this coming summer Or should I ask who doesn’t have a pack trip planned There still might be a lot of snow on the trails but folks are already planning their summer adventures. The phone at Trailhead Supply rings all day long with folks from around the country asking questions about trails, trail heads, feed requirements, the must see’s in the Bob Marshall, gear needed, and outfitters in given areas. And the all important question…what do I do with m...

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  • Coleman High Stand

    Coleman High Stand
    A lightweight, compact and portable stand for use with camp cook stoves. Add a wooden top, and it provides a stable platform for meal preparation. Constructed o...(more)

    $24.99 More Details
  • Grabber Warmers

    Grabber Warmers
    Cold weather will never keep you from any outdoor activity when you go afield with these handy, safe chemical warming packs. No flame or external heat source is...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Zodi Hotman Extreme S/C Shower

    Zodi Hotman Extreme S/C Shower
    Take a refreshing shower in the field with this Hotman Extreme S/C. Just attach a 16-ounce propane bottle to the heavy-duty burner, fill the tank with water and...(more)

    $199.99 More Details
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