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Week 4: The Must Haves

Keeping with our theme we are now 4 weeks till spring, what do we really need to hit the trail I got sent a message the other day explaining to me that they are new to packing and are planning a couple of trips this summer. First a short trip, you know, a test run.  Then, off on a big trip to see parts of the world unknown. Then the question was asked...What is the must haves we need to take along We all have seen this type of post on Facebook. Thanks for the add, new to this etc etc etc and the...

Week 3: Reach Goals & Get Healthy

New Years has come and gone along with all those resolutions... Well they really never got started.  Here we are 7 weeks later and five pounds heavier with a bad case of cabin fever setting in. Thats where our Week 3 of preparation comes in. We all have been staring at the calendar, counting the days for spring to get here so we can quit shoveling snow…Well its time to do something about it! Well we can’t stop it from snowing, but we can get our head in the game and shake that winter time slump....

Week 2: The Three Essentials

It takes three basic things to sustain life and we can only live for a given amount of time without them. Three minutes without air, three days without water, and three weeks without food…Well that’s what they taught me in school anyways.  So, why is it that the least important life giving essential given the most attention It’s also the one we spend most of the time fussing about, planning and prepping for. There are so many dedicated TV channels just about food and the cooking of food. There a...

Week 1: Tack Preparation

With only seven weeks till spring we probably are all thinking we should really start getting things ready for riding season. There is no better place to start than with our tack. We all have tack, we all need tack, and it normally is the most neglected. Its left out in the trailer’s tack room dirty, muddy and sweat coated for winter. To just again be tossed on the back of your faithful steed to hit the trails in early spring. Your tack needs to be in good shape no matter how far you plan to rid...

Sandwich Board Sign

As many of you know, Trailhead Supply has recently moved our store location. Our new store front sits straight across the street for a large plant nursery. Each morning as I’m brewing a big pot of Trailhead Supply’s world-famous coffee, I watch out the large front windows of our store to see this gal trudging through the snow to a sandwich style reader board in the nursery’s parking lot. She flips the numbers showing how many days till spring….I laugh to myself. Then I started thinking about her...

New Year!

Its that time of year where we all reflect on the past and plan for the future. Here at Trailhead Supply we are no different. We had a great 2018, We were blessed to move into a new facility where we have the room to not only expand our retail space but also combine our manufacturing under the same roof. Not saying there wasn’t a few hurdles and some hiccups along the way. We are all moved in and close to being settled.  Now for the looking ahead part…All of us at Trailhead Supply, believes stro...

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