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Camping News:

Spring Tune Up

Who’s got a trip or trips on the calendar for this coming summer Or should I ask who doesn’t have a pack trip planned There still might be a lot of snow on the trails but folks are already planning their summer adventures. The phone at Trailhead Supply rings all day long with folks from around the country asking questions about trails, trail heads, feed requirements, the must see’s in the Bob Marshall, gear needed, and outfitters in given areas. And the all important question…what do I do with m...

When it Pours

I know very few people who don’t check the weather forecast before they head out for a ride, let it be for the afternoon or an extended trip deep into the back country. Everyone loves to ride in the warm sun, even light snow attracts a lot of folks, but rain not so much.  You look at that phone and the weather app says 100% chance of rain, most of us just stay home. Sometimes you don’t have that option, say you have packed in on that bucket list trip, took time off to do a little fishing in the ...


Going once, going twice, and I sold it to you...Tis the season, either at some livestock sale or a deal between two private parties, horses and mules are selling and the pace is really just picking up. As fast as someone staples a for sale flyer up on Trailhead Supply’s info board, someone else pulls it down and says “I bought that one.” What I’m excited about is how many people are buying more than one…They are building a pack string and getting ready to cover some trail miles.  All of us who h...

The Pack Saddle

Well its time, time to think about getting a new or another pack saddle.  Everyone is calling the store with questions or chatting on any one of a number of Facebook pages. What do you think about this saddle or that saddle  Do I need this or that So, at this point I thought I would throw my two cents in.  There are two types of pack saddles; Sawbucks and Deckers. Today we are talking deckers…The Decker brothers were miners in Kooskia, ID. and needed a stronger pack saddle than a sawbuck to pack...

Week 8: It's Spring!!!

And Its Spring!!! Well we made it!!!   Its spring and the good Lord and the weatherman didn’t let us down … Sunshine and warmer snow melting temps, life is good. The one topic I wanted to bring up in preparation for spring, and probably the most forgotten is your trailer. This is where your trusty stead rides, and for your safety, their safety and the safety of others lets spend a little time this morning going over your trailer. I held off doing a blog on trailers, not because it’s a hot contro...

Week 7: The Time Is Now

A little under two weeks to go until spring is officially here...and, yep it’s snowing again…That’s the common topic around the Trailhead Supply coffee pot. Snow… Will it ever stop When is it going to melt I’m sick of winter!!! We all know the answer, yes it will and it won’t be long. But are you ready I can’t begin to tell you how many people have come into the store and said I need a new pack saddle, I’m packing more this year than I ever have. This is the year!!! I’m covering more miles on th...

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