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Camping News:

We are Moving!

HUGE NEWS!! We are moving! To make this move happen we will be closed from 09/27-10/07. We will be opening at our NEW location on October 8th at 9am. Our new address will be 1007 Hwy 2 East, Kalispell, MT 59901. Online orders will continue to ship while we are closed. If you need to reach us email is best, as our phone lines will be down for part of the move as they transfer to our new building. info@trailheadsupply.com Come see us before we move! Please plan ahead and pick up the feed you will ...

Missing, now what?

The sun is just starting to rise. You’re the first one up, the fire is going and you turn the stock out to graze, you turn and pour that first awaited cup. As you turn back to enjoy the sunrise, that big hot cup of joe, and the beauty of grazing horses in that glorious meadow you picked to make camp in…you realize you’re all alone… Where did they go, they couldn’t have left!!! They were just here. They couldn’t have disappeared that quick. I only poured coffee…one cup of coffee, just one cup!!! ...


The snow continues to melt. The trails are opening back up. The trail crews are back on payroll and earning every cent of that $10 an hour, running those crosscut saws from sunrise to sunset and then hiking to the next issue that needs addressed and cut out of the trail…Now that the trail conditions are improving the topic of conversation has changed around Trailhead Supply’s coffee pot. The hot topic of the week are farriers, shoeing the ponies. As the sun stays up longer and the trails are bei...

It's Time...

It is officially here. That time of year where all at once everyone loads the ponies and heads to the hills.  It’s not a date on the calendar.  There are no Hallmark cards to send out celebrating the start of packing season, it just happens. It’s more like a calling. I can’t explain it, and you won’t really understand unless you pack. For the last couple of weeks every morning my phone starts ringing at 5:30 am. It’s all my packer friends driving across this big country we live in. They aren’t j...

Tell Someone!!

The sun is out, the snow is melting, and you’ve got shoes on the ponies. You’re ready to go…Where are you going You poured over maps all winter, at least half of you reading this called me once or twice and asked about this trail or that trail head or my thoughts on securing animals on your first overnight camping trip with your horses. So, all that freshly oiled tack and all the new gear you got for Christmas is loaded in the horse trailer. All you need to do is put fuel in the tank, load the s...

Is There A Right Way?

We all look back at when we started packing, and just laugh…We tell stories around the fire of where we packed in our first time. Who we went with, and how we built our loads and tied them on, not to mention the trouble we had along the way. If we are lucky, none of our friends that were with us had a camera to post pictures of our problems on Facebook.  I’ve seen a guy at the trail head with a how to pack book propped up against his horse’s neck trying to follow the diagram on how to tie that k...

Search results for "Camping - Flyfishing"

  • Umpqua Mosquito - Per 3

    Umpqua Mosquito - Per 3
    The Mosquito, while it does not really represent an actual mosquito, does work well as a general searching dry pattern or during a Callibaetis hatch, also works...(more)

    $3.99 More Details
  • Umpqua Quill Gordon - Per 3

    Umpqua Quill Gordon - Per 3
    Created by Theodore Gordon, the father of American dry-fly fishing, this dark bodied mayfly pattern works well under a variety of circumstances. The segmented q...(more)

    $3.99 More Details
  • Umpqua Red Quill - Per 3

    Umpqua Red Quill - Per 3
    An imitation for the mayflies found across the country. The quill body gives it a realistic segmented look. Per 3. Sizes: 12, 14, 16, 18. Color: Red. Type: Flie...(more)

    $5.49 More Details
  • Hornberg - Per 3

    Hornberg - Per 3
    The Hornberg is a traditionally styled wet fly that has a general attractor pattern but suggests lines of many different insects and general trout fare. Per 3. ...(more)

    $3.99 More Details
  • Cabela's Gray Ghost - Per 3

    Cabela's Gray Ghost - Per 3
    The gray ghost uses a large wing of a more traditional wet fly to give the added body and profile of a large baitfish. Good as a general streamer pattern. Per 3...(more)

    $3.99 More Details
  • Mickey Finn - Per 3

    Mickey Finn - Per 3
    The Mickey Finn imitates many different baitfish and small minnows with its tinsel body and bucktail wing. Tied on a long shank streamer hook. Per 3.Sizes: 4, 6...(more)

    $3.99 More Details
  • Black Nose Dace - Per 3

    Black Nose Dace - Per 3
    With its black lateral line, this fly resembles the dace baitfish. This pattern is very productive for browns and rainbows but really shines for brookies. The p...(more)

    $3.99 More Details
  • Matuka - Per 3 - Olive

    Matuka - Per 3 - Olive
    The Matuka is truly an all-around streamer pattern. It can work as a leech pattern, sculpin or baitfish imitation. The Matuka style of securing the wing materia...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Muddler Minnow - Per 3

    Muddler Minnow - Per 3
    The Muddler Minnow is perhaps the oldest of the sculpin imitating patterns, and it still works. Its clipped deer hair head is cut to the right profile to succes...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
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