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Chess News:

Midweek Snippets

Already halfway through the week. Thats why I love having Mondays off. It makes the next work week that much faster. And if the work week goes by fast, that means its gonna be time again for gaming soon. Best be well-fed, so lets chomp on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have: Mythexplorers III Kickstarter Coming From RN Estudio, New Shaleground Bases Available From Tabletop-Art, and New Release Giveaway From Puppets War. Mythexplorers III Kickstarter Coming From RN Estud...

Virtue the Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Are you a good person Do you take care of yourself Do you care for others By playing Virtue, a new board game up on Kickstarter, you can find out where you stand. This cooperative trip through tough decisions has its campaign running now. From the campaign: Virtue is a cooperative game for 2 to 4 players that pits your team against the spiritual forces of good and evil. You will strive to live a good life while balancing your life pursuits (community, education, personal identity, marriage, ho...

Fantasy Flight Posts Cooperative Rules For Discover: Lands Unknown

Each box of Discover: Lands Unknown is different. You never know just what youre going to run into out there. Its best to take a buddy. While originally competitive, Fantasy Flight has posted up rules for you to team up with your other players for survival out in the wilds. Have a look for yourself. From the post: We first featured them on our livestream gameplay of Discover: Lands Unknown (which you can watch here), and now, theyre available for you to use in your own games! The One...

Z-Man Games Posts New Miaui Preview

The festival is coming up and everyone wants to present the biggest fish there. But theres more than just fish out in the lagoon. Theres also sticky, stingy jellyfish. And thats below the waves. Hovering overhead are thieving gulls ready to take your catch. In this preview of Miaui from Z-Man Games, we get a look at how these two mechanics work in the game. From the post: Though the fish are plentiful in the water, you have to watch out for other creatures ruining your catch! The sticky jellyf...

Next Move Games Announces Tuki

Next Move Games makes some games that are seriously just pretty to look at. If youve seen Azul and/or Reef, you know what Im talking about. Well, their next game also looks to have some pretty components, but with a more vertical flair. Check out Tuki. From the announcement: Were very excited to announce the next great game in our catalog, Tuki! This incredible title was designed by Grzegorz Rejchtman (best known for the popular Ubongo series) and illustrated by Chris Quilliams. In game, playe...

Privateer Press Names Bob Watts as New CEO

Theres someone new in charge over at Privateer Press. Industry veteran bob Watts has been announced as their new CEO. Bob started as a metal caster 40 years ago. So, those of you looking to break into the gaming industry, just look where even what seems like the most menial task can one day lead you. From the announcement: Privateer Press, Inc. has hired industry veteran and long-time licensing partner Bob Watts as Chief Executive Officer. Bob Watts joins Privateer Press with 40 years of expe...

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  • Chess Endings: Essential Knowledge

    Chess Endings: Essential Knowledge
    By concentrating on the basic principles the average player is not only given a working knowledge of the endgame but also a firm foundation on which to further ...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • Winning Quickly with White

    Winning Quickly with White
    All players enjoy inflicting quick victories on their opponents. In this instructive and entertaining volume of 'miniature' games, Russian master Iakov Neishtad...(more)

    $19.95 More Details
  • Endgame Strategy

    Endgame Strategy
    Shereshevsky's masterful guide to endgame play is an essential work for every aspiring player. Using classic examples from grandmaster practice, together with m...(more)

    $19.95 More Details
  • Application of Chess Theory, The

    Application of Chess Theory, The
    Yefim Geller has been one of the world's foremost grandmasters over the past four decades, during which time he has established a reputation as being the leadin...(more)

    $23.95 More Details
  • Chess Fundamentals

    Chess Fundamentals
    Jose Capablanca's classic instructional manual Chess Fundamentals first appeared in 1921, the year he defeated Emanuel Lasker for the world championship title. ...(more)

    $15.95 More Details
  • Positional Sacrifices

    Positional Sacrifices
    Most competitive players are very familiar with the idea of a sacrificial checkmating attack, but the positional sacrifice has been strangely neglected. By mean...(more)

    $15.95 More Details
  • Taimanov's Selected Games

    Taimanov's Selected Games
    Grandmaster Mark Taimanov is one of the most consistently successful players of the post-war era. A grandmaster since 1952, he twice qualified as a Candidate fo...(more)

    $24.95 More Details
  • Improve Your Chess Now

    Improve Your Chess Now
    In a strikingly original self-improvement manual, Jonathan Tisdall draws on his own experiences to explain why erratic results and painful setbacks occur, and s...(more)

    $19.95 More Details
  • Lessons in Chess

    Lessons in Chess
    In this entertaining book for players of all ages,world champion Garry Kasparov teaches the chess newcomer the moves and fundamental principles of the game. Eve...(more)

    $19.95 More Details
  • Chess Training

    Chess Training
    This entertaining and instructive book uses the author's own tried and tested training methods and is ideal for any player in the 100-160 BCF (1400-1900 ELO/USC...(more)

    $24.95 More Details
  • Practical Endgame Play

    Practical Endgame Play
    Most chess books focus on chess theory and technique, yet it is in the process of choosing each move that real games are won and lost This book is full of tips ...(more)

    $17.95 More Details
  • Art of Chess Analysis, The

    Art of Chess Analysis, The
    All Grandmasters are able to devote themselves body and soul to actually playing a game of chess, but few indeed are able to do the same when analyzing the game...(more)

    $21.95 More Details
  • Khalifman: life & games

    Khalifman: life & games
    Alexander Khalifman has been competing in the higher echelons of world chess for many years. He is a player with a broad opening repertoire and a distinctive st...(more)

    $24.95 More Details
  • Practical Endgame Tips

    Practical Endgame Tips
    The endgame is the part of the game in which the result of the game is decided, yet few players devote as much study to it as they know they should. This book w...(more)

    $18.95 More Details
  • Unusual Queen's Gambit Declined

    Unusual Queen's Gambit Declined
    Chris Ward covers three offbeat but important defences to this ancient opening. The Chigorin Defence (1 d4 d5 2 c4 Nc6) creates dynamic imbalance in the positio...(more)

    $19.95 More Details
  • Meeting 1e4

    Meeting 1e4
    Fed up having to defend with Black? Annoyed by all those irritating white systems? Then this is the book for you! Russian international master Alexander Raetsky...(more)

    $19.95 More Details
  • Mastering the Opening

    Mastering the Opening
    These three books are ideal for keen club players who want to improve and are seeking to better their understanding of the three key stages of a chess game: the...(more)

    $24.95 More Details
  • Meeting 1d4

    Meeting 1d4
    Unhappy that you're reaching passive or difficult positions with Black? Fed up with having to learn many different defences to all of White's attacks? Then this...(more)

    $24.95 More Details
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