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Review Roundup

Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaay! Woo! I mean, who really doesn’t love Saturdays, in general Sure, there’s not always the best Saturdays, but overall, it’s probably the greatest day of the week. At least, in my opinion. While we’re on the subject of opinions, it’s time to get into this week’s reviews. Today we have: Import/Export, Dream Catchers, Gaia […]...

Wyrd Previews The Broken For The Other Side

Fridays are pretty damn good all on their own. But then Wyrd has to go and make them even better with their regular previews. This week, we get another The Other Side one. It’s The Broken for the Cult of the Burning Man (always kinda wanted to go to that). See what they’ll be bringing […]...

Way of the Fighter Coming February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day! *punch in the mouth* *spinning roundhouse kick* *sweep the leg* Ok, so you’re not generally supposed to fight on Valentine’s Day, but if you’re picking up Way of the Fighter when it’s released, then it’d be a good way to spend a romantic evening (at least, I think so, and if you’re […]...

Forge World Taking Orders For The Nazgūl of Dol Guldur Set

The Nazgul are the elite of Sauron’s fighting forces. They’re his agents out in the land of Middle Earth, seeking out the One Ring, along with whatever nefarious plots Sauron’s cooked up. You can now order a new trio of these deadly creatures from Forge World for your games of The Hobbit. From the release: […]...

Warlord Games Seeks Digital Sculptor

Gee, seems that Warlord Games is stocking up on all sorts of help! In this case, they’re looking for a digital sculptor. Now, I need a drafting machine and a set of French curves to make a stick figure, and I think that computers are run by gnomes and sprites. So I don’t think you […]...

Friday Snippets

What a crazy week. Monday off. Tuesday in the office. Wednesday and Thursday at home because of the snow. Today’s back in the office, as I checked the hill at the entrance to my place late Thursday and it’d finally melted enough you could get out. So yeah, kinda odd schedule, but waddyagonnado It’s winter. […]...

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