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Endless Realms RPG Up On Kickstarter

There’s various cosmopolitan and international cities in the world. Big mixing and melting pots where inhabitants from all over the world come and gather and mingle. Lumis is just such a crossroads, but on a much grander scale. It’s a metropolitan area not just for one world, but for all worlds, where numerous realms overlap. […]...

Steamforged Previews Veteran Honour and New Box

The last of the Exiles is Veteran Honour. While not part of the Union in Chains storyline specifically, she was on the losing side of a bit of a coup within the Mason’s Guild which led to her leg being hurt and her moving on to become coach of the Farmer’s Guild. We get a […]...

Fantasy Flight Previews Snowtrooper Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

The Empire is filled with all manner of worlds, each one with their own, unique environments and ecosystems. On planets like Hoth, the temperatures can reach extreme levels of cold, meaning anyone living, working, or fighting there needs to bundle up for warmth. The Ice Troopers are ready to head there and make sure the […]...

Abducted Cow Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Aliens. Cows. Apparently, there’s just something about the bovine critters that aliens just can’t get enough of. And in Abducted Cow, it’s your job as an alien to kidnap, steal, and defend your cows from other aliens. The card game is up on Kickstarter now. From the campaign: You are an Alien controlling a UFO. […]...

Midweek Snippets

Wow, Wednesday already This week’s just rolling by. Not that I mind that, of course. I’ve got some D&D coming up this weekend, so you know that I’m stoked. So, here’s to hoping that the rest of the week jogs by quickly, too. But if we’re gonna be jogging, we’re gonna be burning up energy. […]...

Battle Star: Trek Wars RPG Available Now

There’s a lot of sci-fi RPGs that treat it all as “very serious business.” They portray everything as dark and gritty, full of men with beards and slime-coated aliens ready to rip you in half. But what about things like Space Balls and Futurama and Galaxy Quest Where’s the RPG for those types of sci-fi […]...

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