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Wyrd Previews The Engineer For The Other Side

Without Engineers, stuff wouldn’t get built. They’re the ones that get the plans together, figure out how things are supposed to work, and make sure that happens. The same happens in The Other Side, the upcoming minis game from Wyrd. Armies there have Engineers, too, and for their Friday preview, we get a look at […]...

Fate Remedy Card Game Up On Indiegogo

The life of a pet owner is one filled with surprises. What’ve they gotten into now What cute thing are they doing Did they accidentally escape the yard How will they respond to company coming over Fate Remedy takes all those twists and turns and make it fit on your tabletop as a new card […]...

DGS Games Releases New Living Rulebook for Freeblades

When a company puts out a rulebook, it’s almost inevitable that things will be changed or added to at some point. In the case of Freeblades, they’ve got the rulebook, but they’ve also got the Companion. You could get both, or you could get the new Living Rulebook which combines both into a single handy […]...

New Hobbit Miniatures Available To Order From Forge World

Forge World expands their selection of minis for the Hobbit miniatures game this week. One is that they’ve got the newest set of their Nazgul. A further trio of horrors all looking to get back the One Ring. Then, in the decidedly more “living” side of things, there’s a set with Hilda Bianca and Percy. […]...

Friday Snippets

We’ve made it to Friday! Woo! Congratulations, everyone. Good job. Just a bit more and we’ll make it to the weekend. My plans look like they’re going to include trying to paint up my Hunter’s Guild and making Jammie Dodgers. We’ll see how all that goes. But before I get to all that, I need […]...

Dead in the West RPG Up On Kickstarter

In the US, the Old West is like our Camelot. It’s achieved mythical status. Cowboys, outlaws, gun slingers, rancher’s daughters, shootouts. It was quite a time and place to be. Dead in the West looks to bring that mythical world to your tabletop. It’s a new RPG that’s up on Kickstarter now. From the campaign: […]...

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