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Review Roundup

Saturday and I have all the baking to do. Baking for friends. Baking for coworkers. Baking for friends that are coworkers. Baking for coworkers that are friends. I mean, I bought 4 pounds of unsalted butter. I’m going to be busy today. But before I get up to my elbows in cookie dough, I need […]...

Fantasy Flight Games Previews Movement in Star Wars: Legion

The battlefields of the Star Wars universe are anything but static. Speeder bikes zoom all around. Walkers tromp through the underbrush. Foot soldiers look to take up defensive positions, or move up to capture said positions. But how will this dynamic battlefield translate to the world of Star Wars: Legion Glad you asked, because that’s […]...

Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders for Samurai Starter Forces For Pike & Shotte

For those of you that’ve been enjoying Test of Honour, but really want to field entire forces of Samurai and other Japanese troops on the battlefield, Warlord Games has you covered. They’re now taking pre-orders for an entire Samurai army for Pike & Shotte. Put your name down on the list and be the first […]...

Wyrd Previews Infiltrators for The Other Side

Fridays are already pretty damn awesome. Then Wyrd steps in with their regular Friday previews and things just get awesome-er. Hey, no red, squiggly line under it means that’s a real word. Anyway, they continue their look at The Other Side with a preview of the Infiltrators. When the King’s Empire needs to get information […]...

Gaia Project Now Available

Z-Man Games has released their follow-up to Terra Mystica in the form of Gaia Project. Instead of just building a world to your liking, you are now able to spread out among the stars and make entire systems, and more, and put them under your guiding control. By exploring, managing your resources, dealing with threats, […]...

Friday Snippets

Hey everyone! We’ve made it to another Friday! Hopefully your week is going well. As we get nearer to the end of the year, mine’s getting busier and busier. Articles, proofing projects, just all sorts of things to work on. It’s going to be a busy holiday. But it’s alright. Anyway, let’s get to today’s […]...

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