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Diecast News:

New for Premium Members ó Flush Hatches

One way to make scale RC airplanes look more realistic is to hide any and all of the switches and other RC-related hardware so that they arenít visible from the outside. Hatches and flush fitting hatch covers are the answer. This how to article takes you step by step through the process of making a […] The post New for Premium Members — Flush Hatches appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

18-Foot Junkers Ju 188 Bomber

Finally, after seven years of building and planning this awesome giant scale WW2 German bomber took flight on October 6, 2018! Actually, one of three RC models being built at the same modeler’s club, this 1/4-scale Junkers Ju 188 was built and is owned by Franz Obenauf. The Ju 188 has an 18 foot span, […] The post 18-Foot Junkers Ju 188 Bomber appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Tips to Defeat Vibration

Often, RC modelers find†that their servo output arms are coming loose during flight and for various reasons, this†is not a good thing. Actually, servo arms coming loose†is a symptom of something else thatís troubling your giant scale airplane and thatís Vibration. The majority of vibration comes from†the engine†and it affects other parts of your airframe. […] The post Tips to Defeat Vibration appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Rest in Peace Herschel Worthy

It is with sadness that we learned that our friend and RC hobby personality, Herschel B. Worthy, age 82, passed away on Monday, October 15, 2018 in Memphis, Tennessee. Mr. Worthy was born April 17, 1936 to parents Herschel A. and Faith Worthy. Herschel was a resident of West Memphis. He was of the Baptist […] The post Rest in Peace Herschel Worthy appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Nail the Snap Roll

The snap roll is an advanced maneuver that youíll first encounter in the IMAC Sportsman sequence. It evolves into more difficult variations in the upper classes of competition. It is one of the most difficult maneuvers in which to consistently achieve a high score because it requires a keen sense of timing, throttle management and […] The post Nail the Snap Roll appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Electric Retracts Made Easy

When you start to assemble an EDF jet, one of the required tasks is to work out and install your retractable landing gear. Modifying and installing E-flite gear in a jet is relatively simple and MAN contributor Ken Park recently accomplished the task for his new Viper Jet. Check it out, it’s easier than you […] The post Electric Retracts Made Easy appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

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