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Diecast News:

Rage R/C Super Cub MX — No Pressure Flying

Sometimes, all you want to do is grab your model and go out and put in some relaxing flights around the pea-patch! Or perhaps you want to enjoy some indoor RC flying fun. The answer to both of these scenarios is the new Super Cub MX from Rage R/C. With a span just under 20 […] The post Rage R/C Super Cub MX — No Pressure Flying appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Half-Scale RC Tiger Moth

So you think you have trouble transporting your aircraft to the field Take a look at this 1/2-scale RC Tiger Moth! The 127.8-pound model is done up in French WW I Armée de L’air colors, it has impressive performance in the air. Thanks to RC Media World who filmed this at the Ragow Air Meet in Germany last month. […] The post Half-Scale RC Tiger Moth appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Easy Bench Cleanup

Keep a piece of screen door magnetic strip material handy in your workshop. After you are done building for the day, run it over the surface of the bench and it will gather up all your unused pins and other metal items like set screws and clevises. This keeps your bench clean and helps prevent […] The post Easy Bench Cleanup appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Skoda Koba V4

As a builder and model designer, I’m always on the lookout for new scale birds that have nice lines, good moments, and an interesting history. My latest search uncovered the little-known WW II–era Skoda-Kauba (S-K) series of aircraft. Of all the aircraft produced in the series, the V4 had great possibility for a sport-scale RC […] The post Skoda Koba V4 appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Lower Minges

It’s doubtful that more than a handful of people have ever heard of the Lowers-Minges LM-1. I discovered a three-view in a 1974 Flying magazine article about the up-and-coming Reno Unlimited class racing technologies. Though never built, it was to have been powered by a 500hp Ranger Inverted V 770 V12, yet it only had […] The post Lower Minges appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

The Pharoah

I like airplanes that look like airplanes. You know, they look like you could hop in, ?re up the go-power, and have a lot of fun ?ying. I also like a ship with nice lines and moments that just look right. So this time out, I thought a nice, new, original design would be fun. […] The post The Pharoah appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

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