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Diecast News:

Model Airplane News Celebrates Our 90th Anniversary

Inspiring readers since 1929, Model Airplane News was there right at the beginning. It was 1929 and during the golden age of flying when our founder, George C. Johnson, launched the magazine. This era was one that inspired adventure. Higher, faster, fartherórecord-setting pilots with their radical new airplanes were the heroes for several generations of […] The post Model Airplane News Celebrates Our 90th Anniversary appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Rage RC X-Fly VTOL

If you’re ready for a unique RC flying experience, the Rage X-Fly VTOL is the aircraft for you. In addition to typical 4-channel drone control, the X-Fly is capable of high alpha flight like an aircraft thanks to software that allows pilots to fly at either 20- or 35-degree angles of attack. It also includes […] The post Rage RC X-Fly VTOL appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Troubleshooting Gas Engines

OK, so youíve installed your gasoline engine properly, and made sure that the fuel tank is properly installed and the fuel lines and fuel filter are all hooked up correctly, but you still canít get any fire in the holeóthe engine†just won’t†start. As a safety note here, we always recommend using a properly sized heavy […] The post Troubleshooting Gas Engines appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

First Flight P-40 Warhawk

Did you hear The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk was first flown 80 years ago today on October 14, 1938! Wow! The XP-40 was flown in Buffalo, NY. Do you have an RC model of the P-40 let us know! The post First Flight P-40 Warhawk appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

MAN Plans: 25% Fokker E.V.

This 1/4-scale Fokker E.V., designed by David Johnson (plan no. X0305A), is a great project for anyone who wants a WW I fighter but doesn’t want the hassle of building two wings. Using conventional balsa, spruce and plywood construction, the Flying Razor has an 84 inch span and was designed for a Zenoah G-38 for […] The post MAN Plans: 25% Fokker E.V. appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

Graupner HoTTigger V2

Graupnerís latest offering, the HoTTrigger 1400S V2 Competition Plug-and-Play (PNP), includes many performance and durability upgrades to the original high-performance aerobatic model. According to Graupner, the HoTTrigger combines the best attributes of the Extra 330SC and Edge 540 designs and incorporates a NACA 63A-mod airfoil for outstanding performance at any speed. Like its predecessor, it […] The post Graupner HoTTigger V2 appeared first on Model Airplane News. ...

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