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Hydroponics News:

Canada: Grow your own clothes – East Vancouver group is fanatical about fabric

Rebecca Graham (right) processes the flax plants to make linen, while Sharon Kallis holds a linen blanket. Jennifer Gauthier / Vancouver Freelance If you join this club and plant some flax seeds you could end up with a home-grown linen handkerchief By Tessa Vikander Metro Mar 15 2018 Excerpt: Even with the latest genetic modifications, […]...

Woman launches eastside Erie urban farm

Carrie Sachse hopes to plant herbs, peppers and tomatoes on four vacant lots at East 22nd and French Streets. [File Photo Christopher Millette/Erie Times-News] We know there is a lot of vacant land in Erie and there is going to be more if the comprehensive plan is implemented. There are a lot of blighted houses […]...

Future Of Farming: Bowery Takes Urban Agriculture To New Heights

Because of its vertical orientation, Fain says they can produce 100 times more greens than a traditional outdoor farm occupying the same footprint. By Jessica Moore CBS New York Mar 16, 2018 Excerpt: Inside the high-tech Bowery Farming greenhouse in Kearny, New Jersey, farm-to-table takes on a whole new meaning. “First of all, we’re able […]...

Isabella Rossellini Would Like to Introduce You to Her Chickens

Click image to see larger file. Courtesy of Patrice Casanova, My Chickens and I (Abrams Image; 2018) In My Chickens and I, the actress and artist combines her love of animal behavior and her experience as a model, making her brood of heritage chickens the stars. By Jasmine Arielle Ting Vanity Fair March 22, 2018 […]...

Aquaponics farmer Kenkel ’18 receives $1.6 million investment

Two Springworks employees examine lettuce on the farm. Courtesy of Trevor Kenkel About 97 percent of America’s lettuce production is in Southern California and Arizona. By Sarah Drumm Bowdoin Orient February 9, 2018 Excerpt: In junior high, Kenkel started a small organic garden in his hometown in Montana. Frustrated by Montana’s short growing season, Kenkel […]...

What Would Make Urban Agriculture in New York City More Equitable?

Photo courtesy Bushwick City Farms. The city needs policies to support both well-funded, high-tech farm operations and community-run urban farms. By Lisa Held Civil Eats 03.05.18 Excerpt: Reverends Robert and DeVanie Jackson, founders of the Brooklyn Rescue Mission Urban Harvest Center in New York City, are proud of the fig trees and raised beds in […]...

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