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Hydroponics News:

A Look Inside Colorado’s First And Only Edible Insect ‘Ranch’

Crickets are just an ingredient in the empanadas — they’re not over selling it,” McGill said. “And Daniel Asher’s Kentucky Fried Crickets at River & Woods always sell out. He brines them for hours like you would fried chicken.” By Alexandra Palmerton 303 Magazine August 9, 2017 Excerpt: RMMR is already growing quickly as word […]...

Northern Ireland: People can work together on a peaceful, positive and productive activity

Susan Lynn is the Northern Ireland development manager for the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens and is based in east Belfast. ‘Allotments are fantastic, you can grow so much on a small space’ By Darryl Armitage Newsletter Aug 11, 2017 Excerpt: Remembering her childhood growing up in Ballycastle she says that she had […]...

‘Ugly Greens’ sold by New York Urban Farm

“Much of what’s discarded is done merely for cosmetic reasons or as a result of long distance transportation. This negatively impacts farmers, retailers and ultimately consumers.” By Rebecca D Dumais Fresh Plaza Aug 8, 2017 Excerpt: Good greens don’t have to ‘look’ pretty. Even ‘ugly’ produce is just as delicious. This is something Gotham Greens […]...

UK: ‘Countryfile Live TV Show – agricultural escapism or city-slicker sell out?

BBC Countryfile presenters Adam Henson, John Craven, Charlotte Smith, Tom Heap, Anita Rani, Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison. Photograph: Justin Goff. At least half of Countryfile’s viewers live in towns and cities. By Paul MacInnes The Guardian Aug 8, 2017 Excerpts: Since it moved in 2009 from its original Sunday morning slot to peak-time evening […]...

Salt Lake City: Two blocks from the Rio Grande homeless shelter, these women found peace and purpose on an urban farm

Eve top dresses a row of tomatoes with fresh compost at the Wasatch Community Gardens’ Green Team farm. (Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune) That once-blighted 1.5-acre parcel has become a thriving urban farm, and Nikki is back for the first full, 10-month season of Wasatch Community Gardens’ Green Team. By Matthew Piper Salt […]...

Tokyo: Mirai Corporation uses vertical farming

Grant Imahara visits Tokyo and meets with the group at Mirai, whose goal is to bring farm-fresh food to the middle of one of the busiest cities on the planet. Also see Mouser’s 40 page ebook on Vertical Farming Mouser.com 2017 Excerpt from book: Fast-forward to the 20th Century, and the evolution of vertical farming […]...

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