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Hydroponics News:

Canada: Vancouver’s Sole Food Street Farms to move to new home in Olympic Village

Site plan for the new location of the Sole Food Urban Street Farm at West 1st Avenue and Crowe Street. Credit: City of Vancouver Click through to article to see larger detailed image. North America’s largest urban farm is preparing to move south across False Creek, from their current home at Pacific and Carrall, to […]...

South Africa: Chamber of Mines shows off potential of rooftop agriculture in Johannesburg inner city

The Chamber of Mines is participating in and has funded a pilot project to assess the feasibility of growing herbs and vegetables on the rooftops. Launch of the Urban Agriculture Initiative, which is aimed at creating a vibrant urban agricultural ecosystem by “innovatively” repurposing disused rooftops and making use of hydroponics and aquaponics to produce […]...

University of North Texas: Job Title – Lecturer of Urban Agriculture

Imao Keinen Title: Rooster and Hen – Keinen Gafu Date: 1892. This new faculty member will also be responsible for developing online courses; a student Urban Agriculture Club; and collaborative relationships with community gardeners and other urban agriculture entities. Employer: UNT Dallas Location: Dallas, TX Posted: Oct 10, 2017 Excerpt: The University of North Texas […]...

Boosting bees could sweeten chance of a greener Mexico City

Beekeeper Alfonso Cestelos Sanz blows smoke on a beehive at the Ectagono community project in Mexico City September 12, 2017. — Thomson Reuters Foundation picture. Figures from the agriculture ministry (SAGARPA) show the number of hives in Mexico City, as well as honey production, dropped by about 17 percent between 2006 and 2015. By Sophie […]...

A new urban-farming startup wants to grow mushrooms in restaurants, for all the diners to see.

Mission’s executive chef, Angela Dimayuga, cooks with varieties of oyster mushrooms grown in the Minifarm. Photographer: Adrienne Grunwald for Bloomberg A small Minifarm starts at $2,000, measures 4-feet wide by 2-feet deep, stands 6-feet tall and can produce up to 2,300 pounds of mushrooms a year. By Deena Shanker Bloomberg October 11, 2017 Excerpt: On […]...

In Washington School Gardens Are No Longer A Rarity

Rooftop Garden at Horace Mann Elementary School: After leafy vegetables are planted and cared for, students harvest the crops, chop them up and serve them to more than 400 of their peers for lunch. By Rachel Nania Wtop October 8, 2017 Excerpt: Jagodnik’s third-floor classroom, which is filled with seedlings and outfitted with a small […]...

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