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Hydroponics News:

New Orleans tour features four urban farms

Margaret Evans, a lifestyle educator and a family nurse practitioner, pets a goat at the Press Street Gardens. She was one of approximately 50 people touring four urban farms in New Orleans to learn more about the roles of community gardens. Photo by Craig Gautreaux/LSUAgCenter The four farms visited were the VEGGI Farmers Cooperative, Press […]...

Grow Food Film

Documentary filmmakers seek to charge a global movement with one big idea: growing food can fix a majority of the world’s problems Joe Rignola and Jessica Smith Filmmakers Excerpt: We have traveled the U.S. to take a meet farmers, teachers, and leaders in the regenerative farming movement and were blown away by the impact they […]...

Brunei: Workshop provides knowledge to start urban farm

Brunei local agricultural business intelligence company, Agrome IQ, recently conducted its Sprout IQ Workshop on growing tomato at one’s backyard. Borneo Bulletin Dec 5, 2017 Excerpt: The workshop held in Progresif Cellular Sdn Bhd headquarter, Gadong, included educating participants with the climate and soil requirements, step-by-step processes in growing tomato such as treating the seeds […]...

1943: Vice-President Henry Wallace’s Victory Garden

Rare film outtakes. Various scenes Wallace working around corn and tomatoes. Link to film here. Henry A. Wallace was editor of Wallaces’ Farmer and Iowa Homestead until he was selected as Secretary of Agriculture by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933. 33rd Vice President of the United States under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, In office […]...

Canada: Something fishy about downtown Toronto’s Waterwheel Farms

Solutions to growing local produce may be as close as Queen Street West By Katherine Forte Toronto Obeserver December 4th, 2017 Excerpt: Wheeler began a small aquaponics farm in his apartment five years ago, when he got tired of his store-bought greens going rotten too quickly. All of his education on aquaponics farming came from […]...

India: Now, grow vegetables in your living room with this self-watering modular farm

“Our goal is to make families around the world self-reliant with respect to food and Altifarm is our first product. All our learning from multiple projects at my industrial design studio over the last eight years has been distilled into development of Altifarm,” shares Raj. By Chhavi Tyagi Economic Times Dec 4, 2017 Excerpt: Ergonomically-designed, […]...

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