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Marine News:

Aframax Tanker Market and the Kurdish – Iraqi Standoff

Geopolitical tensions have often served as the “bread and butter” of the tanker market and the recent standoff between the Kurdish autonomy movement and the official Iraqi government is no exception. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Charles R. Weber said that “this week Iraq announced plans to reopen their Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline to Turkey, which ......

Sulphur 2020: Coming, ready or not

Some 70% of shipping companies surveyed say they do not believe the industry is ready for IMO’s 2020 deadline, when a global limit of 0.5% sulphur will be imposed on marine fuel for vessels trading internationally. That was the headline finding of a new survey conducted by CE Delft on behalf of Exxonmobil. The survey ......

Dry Bulk FFA: Panamax Index- Technically bullish on the daily chart

Panamax Index appears technically bullish on the daily chart. A bearish divergence is now forming on the weekly chart, not a sell signal it does suggest that momentum is starting to weaken. OCT – Technically bullish above 12,000, below this level increases the probability of a lower high forming. Caution on the overbought momentum. Q4 ......

Long-haul tanker shipments on the rise as US exports double

The emergence of the US crude export trade is a boon for crude tanker owners, as ton-mile distance has increased considerably. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Gibson said that “one of the headlines in the international press in recent weeks has been the surge in US crude exports to record highs. Preliminary data from ......

Bouncing Back…Fastest Trade Growth In Half A Decade!

A well-known football manager once commented on the “bouncebackability” of his team after they had followed a defeat with a victory. This year and last, global seaborne trade growth, following a weaker performance in 2015, has illustrated its ability to bounce back strongly, and on the back of a range of positive trends is currently ......

Car Carrier Fleet Growth Slows Down, as Average Age Drops to 12 Years says Dynamar

In a recent report, Dynamar examines the development of the Ro/Ro and Car Carrier shipping segments. Beginning the latter, Dynamar said that while Japan’s exports of passenger cars got substance in the 1950s already, the first Pure Car Carrier (PCC) was launched some 20 years later only. Before then, factory new cars were in the ......

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