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INTERCARGO is now representing ship owners with over 1,500 bulkers of 138 million dwt under control, growing by 48% year-on-year

INTERCARGO, the International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners is growing at a rapid pace, as it seeks to raise its voice on various issues surrounding the future of the shipping industry, like emissions, port reception facilities and the implementation of the Ballast Water Treatment Convention. The association recently held its Technical and Executive Committees in ......

Hollywood Heavy Hitters! Cargo Vessels Still Getting Bigger

It’s a classic movie theme: in order to overcome potential challenges or make the most of upcoming opportunities, the protagonist first has to hit the gym and get bigger, stronger and fitter. Of course, in the movies, this is all shown via montages; in reality, things tend to take a little longer. That being said, ......

P&I cover for cyber risks arising out of the use of electronic trading systems

Some shipowners choose to use electronic trading systems (electronic bills of lading), rather than traditional paper bills. However, these systems are, by their nature, susceptible to the risk of cyber attack. What would the P&I cover position be should a claim arise under those circumstances As long as the cyber attack does not constitute ‘terrorism’ ......

Tanker market gaining traction

While all headlines monopolized by the dry bulk market’s newest rally, it seems that the tanker market has slipped into oblivion. However, things are shaping up rosy in the wet segment as well, at least in terms of its long-term prospects. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Allied Shipbroking said that “there was a flood ......

Looking Inside Fleet Development: The Boxship Product Mix

Following more than a decade of sustained steady growth, the volume of capacity within the containership fleet has remained somewhat more controlled over the last two years. However, while it may appear at first glance that not so much is changing within the overall fleet, there has in fact been notable variation within the “product ......

Dry Bulk FFA: Capesize Index back in bullish territory, and will remain so above USD 20,427

Capesize Index Support – 19,893, 17,929, 16,819, 15,301 Resistance – 20,427, 22,450, 27,866 Weekly stochastic in overbought territory Daily stochastic at 99 The lower high and lower low last week pointed at a weakening technical for the Capesize index. We highlighted the 20 period EMA as a potential support with a preference to see price ......

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