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Marine News:

Newbuilding Market on a Rollercoaster Ride so far in 2019

Ship owners are being very conservative this year when it comes to committing funds in the newbuilding market, given the various degrees of market uncertainties. This has been the prevailing trend so far in 2019 and nothing suggests that it’s about to change any time soon. In its latest weekly report, Allied Shipbroking said that ......

Container Shipping: The Many Pitfalls In The Coming Months Will Decide The Fate Of The Year

European containerised imports look likely to be stuck with demand growth of no more than 2% for years to come. That means the long-hauls into northern and southern Europe, where Ultra Large Containerships are perfectly suited to reap the benefits of economies of scale, will suffer unless cascading is accelerated. Demand drivers and freight rates ......

Effective Notices of Arbitration – Avoiding Wasted Costs and a Potentially Time-Barred Claim

In a recent case, The Amity [2017], charterers successfully set aside an arbitration award on the basis that owners had not effectively served their notice of arbitration upon charterers since the person to whom owners had sent their arbitration notice, claim submissions and communications, whilst an employee of charterers, did not have actual or implied ......

Investing in the S&P market Ever So Important

Business-savvy ship owners are having to accept the fact that increased investment is needed in the ships’ S&P market, in order to ride the shorter market cycles in the most effective way. As a result, newbuilding ordering activity is expected to diminish in the years to come, at least until the current regulatory framework is ......

Dry Bulk Market: Post-Panamaxes and Handies Have the Highest Orderbook-to-Fleet Ratio

In terms of number of ships, the orderbook to fleet ratio currently stands at 12% in terms of number of vessels and in terms of dwt this figure rises to 13%. If we break this down further to take in to account each individual sector of the dry bulk fleet, the Post Panamax sector accounts ......

‘FONAR’ systems in view of the 2020 sulphur regulations

The IMO has attempted to reduce airborne emissions from ships through Annex VI of the MARPOL Convention, which first came into force in 2005. This includes a global limit for the sulphur content of ship’s fuel oil, as well as more stringent controls within designated ‘Emission Control Areas’ (ECAs). Currently, ECAs established under MARPOL Annex ......

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