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Demand for Dry Bulk Carriers Plunges During Second Quarter Period says Shipbroker

Second hand dry bulk vessel transactions plunged by 41% during the second quarter, compared to the first three months of the year, as ship owners refrained from more deals. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Intermodal said that “from the beginning of the year until now SnP activity has changed significantly. To put things into ......

National Fleet Growth: What’s On The Menu?

Last month’s Fleet Analysis examined how fast the top owner nations’ fleets have grown since 2010, with most of the major owner countries adding a huge volume of tonnage. However, the composition of fleet growth has been diverse. Faced with a varied selection of newbuild and secondhand vessels, Greek, Japanese and Chinese owners have each ......

Big Data and Digital Transformation on the Shipping Industry’s Meny over the next Five Years according to Survey

The shipping industry is looking to investment in new technology and to develop the benefits of closer integration with other forms of transport, and is preparing for the changes that the widespread adoption of big data will deliver for maritime businesses. What is the optimal investment opportunity currently for the shipping industry When asked to ......

Newbuilding activity going from strength to strenght

Tankers as well as dry bulkers are the “most wanted” asset classes among newbuildings, as ordering activity is actively stronger than last year. In its latest weekly report, Allied Shipbroking said that “we continue to see a fair flow of activity emerging once more this week, with a number of dry bulk and tanker contracts ......

Dry Bulk FFA: Capesize Market Reversal Underway

Capesize Index Resistance – 9,837 11,577, 11,737, 12,508 Support – 7,618, 6,570, 4,630 The Capesize index is starting to mean revert back to the technical resistance at USD 9,837, or the 8 period EMA (USD 10,005) The stochastic remains oversold, but the trend remains technically bearish, with a new low printed at USD 7,618 last ......

Is the Lloyd’s Open Form salvage contract dying?

There is an industry debate discussing emergency casualty response and the decline in LOF contracts. Gard, as a marine, energy and P&I insurer, is well aware of the pressures which arise from high profile casualties. We thank our guest author, Nick Burgess of BDM Law for his contribution to the ongoing discussion with the aim ......

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