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Marine News:

Hellas: Fewer Newbuildings Lead to Ageing, Yet Still Expanding in Tonnage Greek Fleet, While Shipping Companies Keep Falling in Numbers

Petrofin Research issued its latest annual survey on the course of the Greek-contolled shipping fleet and the companies involved. Among the main conclusions are the fleet tonnage has kept on expanding, despite the fact that fewer companies are running all those ships. Despite a number of new entrants, overall the total number of shipping companies ......

Hardening marine insurance market to drive up shipowner premiums

Shipowners experienced a marginal increase in marine insurance costs last year, marking the end of a six-year run of declining premiums, according to Drewry’s Ship Operating Costs Annual Review & Forecast, as asset values recovered and the insurance market showed signs of turning. Changing market sentiment and rising claims in related sectors is driving costs ......

How to deal with bullying and harassment at sea – UK P&I comments

Sophia Bullard, Crew Health Programme Director at UK P&I Club, comments on how to deal bullying and harassment aboard ships: “Over the past decade, we have seen an increased focus on the subject of harassment in the maritime sector. Campaigns to raise awareness, integrating fair practices and implementing guidelines for effectively dealing with the issue ......

Dry Bulk Market: Further Complications from “Trade Wars”

While thus far, much of the negative impact on the dry bulk market from the “trade wars” has come from the US-China spat, it seems that another front is causing headaches for dry bulk ship owners. Last week, China cancelled Canadian agribusiness Richardson International’s registration to ship canola to China. Richardson is one of Canada’s ......

Wait and see? Don’t risk inaction over IMO2020 fuel price

It is said that the only certain things in life are death and taxes. This is certainly the attitude the shipping industry should take towards the impending IMO2020 sulphur cap. From the myriad reports, conferences, and press releases on this issue, with just nine months left to go it’s fair to conclude that the market ......

Surging demand and increasing bunker cost to push up domestic chemical freight rates in China

China’s domestic demand for chemical shipping has been boosted by the rapid expansion in Chinese base chemical production capacity for products such as paraxylene and stryrene. Some 55% of the new production capacity is located in East China, 23% in North China and 22% in South China. Given that domestic supply of major chemical products ......

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