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Marine News:

Newbuilding and S&P Markets Yet to Pick Up in 2019

As is usually the case so early in the year, ship owners are still reluctant to commit funds to newbuildings or S&P deals, unless some opportunity arises, or there’s a very specific and urgent need to do business. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Allied Shipbroking said that in the newbuilding market, “activity this week ......

Dangerous Dry Bulk Trade Forecasts

Very bullish dry bulk forecasts have continued to be released this year — but we continue to urge great caution. Catching our attention, in particular, recently have been some forecasts stating that dry bulk trade is likely to grow by anywhere from 4% to 4.5% this year. A breakdown of trade by cargo type has ......

US Shutdown Impacts Shipping

Since 21 December 2018, the US Government has been in shutdown following the failure of Congress to agree federal funding. With no end in sight, it is the longest shutdown in US history. As a result the US Coast Guard and other federal agencies are operating at a reduced capacity. We have not received any ......

To “Scrub or not to Scrub”?: That is the Question for Ship Owners

As the 2020 deadline for the implementation of IMO’s rules of the use of low-sulphur fuels nears, the question among the ship owning community regarding the installation or not of scrubbers seems to intensify. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Gibson said that “the scrubber debate continues with the same intensity as it did six ......

2018 Shipbuilding Review: Mind The Unit!

We all know shipbuilding is one of the toughest businesses around but just how tough was 2018 Well it seems the answer depends on which unit of measurement you use! Using DWT, ordering fell 14% to 77m dwt while using CGT, a better reflection of the work content of building vessels, ordering increased by 2%. ......

Making shipping a zero-carbon industry: How do we turn ambition into reality?

The new study, to be launched on 29 January, is the latest in LR’s Low Carbon Pathways 2050 Series. This series of reports produced in collaboration with industry partners Shipping in Changing Climates (SCC) and University Marine Advisory Services (UMAS), which includes Low Carbon Pathways 2050 and Zero Emission Vessels 2030, specifically addresses the decarbonisation ......

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