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Marine News:

Demolition market headed for summer lull

After a few weeks of subdued activity, it seems that the ships’ demolition market has started to be active once again. In its latest weekly report, the world’s leading cash buyer of ships, GMS, said that over the past week, “this week, a few owners and cash buyers finally started to accept the new market ......

Robust Indian Diesel Imports to Lend Support to Asian MR Market

A combination of routine refinery maintenance as well as upgrading to meet the country’s new Euro-IV fuel standards has led to a recent uptick in Indian diesel imports since May. Tender data from Reuters indicates that India’s diesel imports from May to July have amounted to 790 kt so far, which is up by 248% ......

How to ensure you have a Ballast Water Treatment System onboard that actually works

The second half of 2016 brought shockwaves to some shipowners who were still in a state of denial about the need to install Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) onboard their vessels. The ratification of the Ballast Water Management Convention and the announcement of the first U.S. Coast Guard Type Approved BWTS, saw many shipowners rushing ......

Dry Bulk and World Economy: A glimmer of hope

Demand for dry bulk commodities from emerging economies could be set for a rebound. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Allied Shipbroking noted that “during the past weeks, we have seen many organizations and think tanks show a more optimistic face with regards to the world economy. The World Bank, IMF and OECD have all ......

Dry Bulk: Indian Iron Ore Exports: One To Look Out For Again?

While Australian and Brazilian exports are expected to be the key drivers of seaborne iron ore trade growth in 2017, shipments from elsewhere are projected to rise 11% to 250mt this year. This partly reflects a surge in Indian iron ore exports, which were almost fully eradicated by government policies by 2015. This month’s Commodity ......

Dry Bulk FFA: Supramax Index Firming Up

Supramax Index Weekly Support –6,934, 6,680, 5,769 Resistance – 8,950, 9,794, 10,034 The Supramax index remains in its technical support zone with pricing in the middle of the range. The lower high and higher low would suggest that the index is now in a consolidation period, with market pricing back off its recent lows. The ......

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