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Tanker Market: China’s oil imports a boon for tanker owners

The emergence of China as a leading global force in trade has seen shipping among the leading beneficiary industries. So far, this effect was more pronounced in the dry bulk trades, but lately, it’s tanker owners who could also join the foray. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Gibson said that “early this month, figures ......

Newbuild Investment: Anything Drawing Attention?

Newbuild contracting fell to a 30 year low in 2016, but when looking at it in estimated investment value terms, the fall was slightly less sharp. This trend has continued, with contracting in 2017 so far up by significantly more in investment value terms than in numerical terms. This month’s Shipbuilding Focus investigates which sectors ......

Dry Bulk FFA: Supramax Index- Technically bullish, caution on the daily chart as it has potential to produce a bearish divergence on a fresh market high

Supramax Index Weekly Support –8,486, 7,948, 7,412 Resistance – 9,081, 9,650, 10,198 The weekly chart has produced another higher low which keeps the weekly bull trend intact, and is now approaching technical resistance at USD 9,081. A close above USD 9,081 is technically bullish on the weekly chart and suggest upside continuation. A close below ......

Dry Bulk FFA: Capesize Market

Capesize Index Support – 16,771, 15,301, 12,322 Resistance – 19,482, 20,657, 27,866 Resistance at USD 20,657 Support 16,771 Weekly stochastic in overbought territory Daily stochastic in overbought territory. Having broken through technical resistance levels last week the Capesize index is approaching a long term resistance zone dating back to August 2015. The stochastic is overbought ......

The Changing Waves of the Shipping Industry

Sea transport is relatively eco-friendly as it only accounts for 3 to 4 percent of total global gas emissions. However, most ships are fueled by low-grade bunker fuel, or heavy fuel oil (HFO), that contains 3,500 times more sulfur than diesel for cars, making the shipping industry the biggest emitter of sulfur dioxide (S02). At ......

What is a release call?

Joining a mutual P&I Club means each Member shares in the fortunes of that Club and its membership. The continuity of Club membership, which is typical within the mutual P&I environment, permits longer term investment and planning to be undertaken. Estimating premiums doesn’t work as well in a commercial context because profits, arising from the ......

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