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GPS and Battery Puzzle

You have a GPS that takes 2 working batteries. You have 8 batteries but only 4 of them work. What is the fewest number of pairs you need to test to guarantee you can get the GPS on. Check your answer:- The post GPS and Battery Puzzle appeared first on PuzzlersWorld.com. ...

Eye Test – How many squares?

Eye test: How many sqaures in below picture Anyone here who can solve it The post Eye Test – How many squares appeared first on PuzzlersWorld.com. ...

Find opposites in jumbled words 1. Wtetsaes2. Mligtlsana

Find the opposites in each word ! They are jumbled up 1. Wtetsaes 2. Mligtlsana 3. Cennmiae 4. Gteylptry 5. Togsonlhr 6. Pogathttrerea 7. Alcefsor 8. Dbmstrmau 9. Frgsdueeosnaa 10. Oubginfrn Ex: Tinuo – In and Out The post Find opposites in jumbled words 1. Wtetsaes2. Mligtlsana appeared first on PuzzlersWorld.com. ...

Can you do it with in 2 minutes

Number Puzzle #184 The post Can you do it with in 2 minutes appeared first on PuzzlersWorld.com. ...

A lady, Book and a counter man

A woman goes to the counter and puts a book before the man there. The man says that the price is 13. The lady pays the money and goes away without taking the book. The man saw it and did not call the lady. Why The post A lady, Book and a counter man appeared first on PuzzlersWorld.com. ...

Riddle – I am normally below you

I am a five letter Worm I am normally below you If you remove my 1st letter, you will find me above you If you remove my 1st and 2nd letters you can not see me What Am I Check your answer:- The post Riddle – I am normally below you appeared first on PuzzlersWorld.com. ...

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Search results for "Puzzles - Jean Claude Constantin"

  • Cube in Cube - Constantin

    Cube in Cube - Constantin
    The Cube in Cube puzzle is a so-called 'framed packing puzzle' - all of the pieces must fit inside of the frame, forming a cross shape without the frame. The pr...(more)

    $37.99 More Details
  • Sputnik Ball (Sputnik Kugel)

    Sputnik Ball (Sputnik Kugel)
    You must separate all pieces and then put them back together. Named after the first satellite put in orbit, this laser-cut wood and metal puzzle was originally ...(more)

    $16.99 More Details
  • Nifty Fifty

    Nifty Fifty
    An unconstrained version of Constantin's Aladin. All of the pieces must fit into the frame. Some pieces touch the frame, while others do not. Made in laser-cu...(more)

    $17.99 More Details
  • Bee Box

    Bee Box
    In order to solve this puzzle, you must give it a bee sting! The solution of this laser-cut wood puzzle fits nicely with the name. A neat combination of the seq...(more)

    $35.99 More Details
  • Einstein Box

    Einstein Box
    A very nice puzzle box with stainless steel mechanical elements. The objective is to open the lid of the box. Jean-Claude Constantin lives in Germany, where h...(more)

    $29.99 More Details
  • Black Jack - Constantin

    Black Jack - Constantin
    Another double-maze by Jean-Claude Constantin. The wooden mazes slide back and forth while the balls can move up and down. Navigate both mazes simultaneously in...(more)

    $29.99 More Details
  • Saturn - Wire Puzzle

    Saturn - Wire Puzzle
    An interstellar challenge for the brain so large it has its own orbit! The objective of this planetary puzzle is to remove the handle from the circular arrangem...(more)

    $18.99 More Details
  • C and U

    C and U
    This puzzle will keep you guessing as to the solution. ...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Euro - Constantin

    Euro - Constantin
    Based on the symbol for the Euro currency, the Euro puzzle requires that the user separate the ring from the other two interlocking pieces. Made in stainless ...(more)

    $10.99 More Details
  • 456

    This puzzle is called 456 because two of the sides have four squares, two of the sides have five squares, and two of the sides have six squares. There are 15 wo...(more)

    $32.99 More Details
  • Skyline

    A themed packing puzzle. Each of the wooden pegs is actually part of a multi-block arrangement (i.e. one piece might have three or four pegs). This puzzle has m...(more)

    $57.99 More Details
  • Brochettes

    Composed of several dowels and cubes of wood. Some cubes are attached to the dowels and some are not. Once you've removed all of the dowels and cubes, the objec...(more)

    $44.99 More Details
  • Super Box

    Super Box
    This puzzle is definitely not a normal packing puzzle. Finding a solution and putting all of the pieces back into the cubical frame will definitely require thin...(more)

    $32.99 More Details
  • IQ 18

    IQ 18
    The objective of this puzzle is simple: remove the pieces from the box and replace them. The solution, however, will require some careful thought. Made in sev...(more)

    $29.99 More Details
  • Fact

    You need to fit all five pieces into the frame.  Made in laser-cut wood by Jean-Claude Constantin. Jean-Claude Constantin lives in Germany, where he designs a...(more)

    $21.99 More Details
  • Oval Office

    Oval Office
    An interesting puzzle box featuring a strange-looking white disk on top. The objective is to open the puzzle box by removing the white disk.Made in laser-cut wo...(more)

    $35.99 More Details
  • Nagelbrett

    A more challenging version of the Mini Pins puzzle (also by Jean-Claude Constantin). There are three obstacles to replacing the pieces back into the frame:1) Th...(more)

    $38.99 More Details
  • Apothekerschrank

    While most packing puzzles have distinctly different or clearly identical pieces, the pieces of this 3D packing puzzle look the same when placed in the frame bu...(more)

    $42.99 More Details
  • Radbox

    A Canadian-themed laser-cut wood puzzle box. The Radbox features a very unique mechanism that is difficult to decipher. Even when you open the box and slide off...(more)

    $35.99 More Details
  • 234

    This puzzle is called 234 because there are two squares on two of the faces, three squares on two of the faces, and four squares on the final two faces. There a...(more)

    $22.99 More Details
  • Centrale

    A sliding piece holds a coin, and two small metal balls block the movement of the slider. The objective of the puzzle is to move the slider to the right so that...(more)

    $17.99 More Details
  • Dreiecksbeziehung

    A nice puzzle based on some curious geometry. There are 9 laser-cut wood pieces, and each is an equilateral triangle. 8 of them fit in the frame, with a spot ou...(more)

    $20.99 More Details
  • Maischloss

    An extreme example of the multiple-peg maze concept. Each of the 20 pegs must move through one of four long mazes; many pieces must move simultaneously in order...(more)

    $46.99 More Details
  • Mickey

    Remove the string-and-bead arrangement from the wire-and-wood stand. This puzzle is named for its resemblance to the famous Mickey Mouse. Made in wood, string...(more)

    $14.99 More Details
  • Paperclip

    You must separate the two pieces and then put them back together. A fun new twist on a classic metal disentanglement puzzle, this puzzle can always be used to h...(more)

    $12.99 More Details
  • Twins

    Everyone who is a twin should look at buying this for their better half.  A classic take-apart puzzle. Once you know the secret, it can be done in seconds - eve...(more)

    $11.99 More Details
  • Partner

    You must separate the two pieces and then put them back together. Jean-Claude Constantin has put his own unique spin on this age-old metal disentanglement puzzl...(more)

    $13.99 More Details
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