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Santa’s reindeer may need to swim, not fly, at Welland

The Christmas tree being raised at Welland Scuba Park on Dec. 17 wont need a container of water at its base.  Thats because the tree will be under water in the annual Christmas Tree Dive....

Diving Holiday in Hat Nai Yang, Phuket Island, Thailand

How I ended up in Hat Nai Yang, Thalang District on Phuket, Thailand Exactly at the moment that I decided to escape the winter in Europe this year and go back diving again, I got a message from somebody telling me that he had opened his own dive center in Phuket, Thailand. We were both [...]...

MV Legends Specialist Red Sea Safari Boat Gets A Diver Lift

Diver Lifts are common on dive boats in the UK but in an unusual move for a safari boat in the Red Sea, MV Legends have now completed the installation of a full diver lift on their Red Sea Liveaboard vessel....

Renewable energy isn’t perfect, but it’s far better than fossil fuels

In their efforts to discredit renewable energy and support continued fossil fuel burning, many anti-environmentalists have circulated a dual image purporting to compare a lithium mine with an oilsands operation. It illustrates the level of dishonesty to which some will stoop to keep us on our current polluting, climate-disrupting path (although in some cases it could be ignorance)....

Diver educates others on Earth’s vulnerability

When it comes to scuba diving  there are not many things Nath Lasselin hasnt done. What she has done is so challenging many divers would not try it....

Scuba Diving around Gran Canaria

Scuba diving is probably not the first thing you think off when considering activities to do in Arguineguín. You might be surprised that Gran Canaria offers spectacular diving with lots of variety. Ellis takes you on an underwater tour exploring the marine reserve ´El Cabron´, in Arinaga. “After diving many destinations all over the world, [...]...

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