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Diving from the Shores of Halifax

When most people imagine scuba diving they think of hot weather and coral reefs. While this may bode well for some scuba divers that prefer this safe and easy underwater life, there are others that live in locations that don’t allow them that luxury....

Scuba Diving with Blue View Divers on Koh Phi Phi

There are many dive centers on Koh Phi Phi Don. Upon arriving on Ko Phi Phi I was overwhelmed by the amount of dive centres on this island. To be honest, I felt a bit dissapointed in the way certain dive centers out there are mainly focussed on the numbers without caring for the oceans [...]...

The 2018 Edition of Deepvision

Scubashooters.net and its team are proud to announce that Entries for the contest opened the 1st of March 2018. The competition will be hosted on the scubashooters.net website. 40 sponsors, each one a worldwide leader in the diving industry will support an extremely rich prize over 60000 USD total value! As already cited, entries will be [...]...

International Scuba Travel Deals from Diverse Travel

Take a look at these latest international scuba diving travel offers from Diverse Travel....

The Mystery of the Britannic – A Film by Richie Kohler and U-Films

Britannic was the last built vessel of the White Star Lines Olympic class of steamships; she was the mate of both the RMS Olympic and the RMS Titanic. She was to be known as a transatlantic vessel, as was the Titanic....

Renewable communities produce energy, jobs and hope

Anishinaabe economist and writer Winona LaDuke identifies two types of economies, grounded in different ways of seeing. Speaking in Vancouver recently, she characterized one as an “extreme extractive economy” fed by exploitation of people and nature. The second is a “regenerative economy” based on an understanding of the land and our relationship to it....

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