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Game of Thrones Comes To The Great Northern Dive Show 2018

We are pleased to announce that Ross Mullan and Ross OHennessy will be joining us at The Great Northern Dive Show 2018...

Introducing La Galigo Liveaboard, Indonesia

“When guests leave La Galigo, it’s like saying goodbye to loved ones” – that’s a quote from the social media of La Galigo Liveaboard, and there is no better way that I could sum up the experience. Let’s face it, we all go on vacations and dive to get away from certain mundane parts of [...]...

Epicmakers – The Video Service for Diving and Adventure Enthusiasts

EpicMakers.com, founded by Ashutosh Pujari is an internet based video editing service for the creation of customised videos. Divers and adventure enthusiasts take hours and hours of fabulous footage that unfortunately only stays on their hard drives, as they have no easy way to edit these gigabits of memories. EpicMakers.com edits the videos and images [...]...

Large dams fail on climate change and Indigenous rights

Brazil has flooded large swaths of the Amazon for hydro dams, despite opposition from Indigenous Peoples, environmentalists and others. The country gets 70 per cent of its electricity from hydropower. Brazil’s government had plans to expand development, opening half the Amazon basin to hydro. But a surprising announcement could halt that....

Vintage gear makes scuba enthusiasts better divers

Shortly after learning to dive in 2007 I was so hooked that I wanted to learn more about the sport. My interest turned to vintage diving while on a dive trip to Grand Cayman in 2010....

Exhibition: Gulf of St Lawrence – Log 3. The Martha L. Black

Throughout the Gulf of St. Lawrence Expedition, Oceana Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada have been living and working aboard the Canadian Coast Guard science vessel Martha L. Black. Follow Alexandra Cousteau for a tour of the vessel and see how scientists live when they are conducting research at sea....

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