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Over Pressurizing a Cylinder, a Dangerous Concern

I recently received a call/e-mail from an instructor about an unsafe situation. She stated that one of her employees recently took a trip and had their SCUBA cylinders filled at a remote location. The other facility filled their cylinder to 5000 psi (345 BAR) when they were rated to 3000 psi (206 BAR). Her staff [...]...

Early Bird Dive Show Sudan special offer – exclusive to Diverse Travel

This is a special special as its exclusive to Diverse Travel from MV Oceanos, giving a great chance to dive mythical Sudan on 04 March 2018 and save up to £125. ...

Explore The Magical Maldives from just £1699 with blue o two

Dive the Red Sea from just £999 and explore the magical Maldives from just £1699!...

Freediving and Scuba Diving wetsuits, what are the differences?

Wetsuit Neoprene is a rubber foam used to make, well, a wetsuit. It is called closed-cell neoprene as the bubbles are trapped in the neoprene rubber foam and between one or more layers of fabric. Closed-cell means that each nitrogen bubble is surrounded and separated by neoprene. Both freediving and scuba suits are made of closed-cell neoprene. ...

Fantastic Worldwide Offers from Diverse Travel

This is the Best of the Maldives – and it delivers exactly that. This is where you dive the best and most famous dive sites of the Maldives in a week of wonderful liveaboard diving across Male and Ari atolls. ...

Regaldive’s Worldwide Liveaboards for All Budgets Leave Divers Spoilt for Choice

Diving holiday specialists Regaldive are pleased to announce that, following some further additions to their liveaboard programme, they can offer worldwide liveaboards to suit all budgets....

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