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Scuba News:

Diving for a Cleaner Ocean

Every diver understands the draw of the ocean, and most crave the next dive just moments after exiting the water. It’s a beautiful wonderland, with incredible fauna and flora inhabitants. However, the oceans are in peril and there’s one offender at the forefront of these issues… plastic. Recent studies, carried out by University of Exeter, [...]...

Former Kittiwake Sailor Returns After 30 Years

The USS Kittiwake is one of the most popular shipwrecks in the Caribbean, with divers from across the globe traveling to Grand Cayman to explore this iconic site. The Kittiwake started life as a submarine rescue vessel commissioned after World War 2, ill-famed in 1986 for recovering the flight data recorder from the Space Shuttle Challenger [...]...

Félicité Ranks Number Two Sustainable Destination in Africa

Green Destinations, unveils the winners of the top 100 Sustainable Top Destinations of the World Awards during ITB Berlin Leading Travel Trade Show During ITB Berlin 2019, the island of Félicité was recognized as the second most sustainable destination in Africa in the Best of The Planet category by Green Destinations of the Sustainable Top [...]...

Deptherapy welcomes new President

Scuba diving rehabilitation charity, Deptherapy, is delighted to announce the appointment of its new President, Debra Lilley, from today, 1st April 2019. Debra has over 30 years experience in the IT industry and is an Associate Director at Accenture, an Oracle ACE Director, Chartered Director and Fellow of the Institute of Directors. She has held [...]...

Introducing WSDS World Safety Diving Standards

The International Organization WSDS is committed to the promotion of internationally active diving associations and in particular to the recognition of diving on a public level. A priority goal is the promotion of contemporary, comparable international safety standards of all participating associations, both for diving instructors and for diving students.  This aspect is particularly important [...]...

Voluntary Recall of The Mares XR Inflator

The XR inflator, sold through Mares and made by an outsider manufacturer, FERPLAST, has found a quality issue on this inflator mounted on the XR line aircells. Divers are urged to quit utilizing the models listed below, and volunteer to return this unit to Mares for repair. In certain circumstances the deflation button could come [...]...

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