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Scuba News:

New eco-friendly liveaboard joins Diverse Travel sailings

Here’s a liveaboard with a different concept. Coralia is a new boat by Papua Explorers, renowned for exceptional service, quality and commitment to protecting nature, conserving the oceans and developing local communities in Raja Ampat. Built in Bira, Sulawesi, by the Konjo tribe who have been building ships for centuries, ancient techniques are blended with [...]...

As fracking booms, report finds we know little about impacts

With easily accessible gas and oil deposits becoming depleted, companies have turned to fracking to extract it from shale formations. This involves drilling deep, often horizontal wells and pumping large amounts of pressurized water, sand and chemicals into them to fracture rock and release gas or oil....

July 2020 – Best of Philippines liveaboard trip with N2Pix

We are organizing an expedition (liveaboard) where we will cover the best of the Philippines and hit ALL the hot spots including Tubbataha and Malapescua. We will also EXPLORE new, practically unknown dive spots such as the Ticao, Ramblon and Marinduque areas. On the big animal action side, we have on the menu : Tresher [...]...

Ocean Quest’s Summer Adventures

Marine Wildlife Snorkeling From our Petty Harbour location take a dip in the North Atlantic and let the sea creatures swim with you. You never know what might breach the surface! Formerly our Close Encounters with Humpback Whales adventure, the Marine Wild Life Snorkeling is focused on snorkeling and we are out to see ALL the creatures waiting [...]...

April Fools: Ontario’s climate policy is a scary joke

Ecojustice will see the Ford government in court today, April 1, for its gutting of Ontario’s cap and trade program in July 2018 with no public consultation....

Embracing the Challenge of Scuba Diving in Later Life

At 95, the world’s oldest scuba diver is hoping to help other older people see the importance of exercise, and that with a good level of fitness, you can still take on physical challenges no matter how old you are. In order to have a go at scuba diving, you will need to undergo medical screening, training in [...]...

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