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No-Shave November benefits services like sewing club for people affected by cancer

Throughout the month, you'll notice that a bunch of guys, including News10NBC's Rich Donnelly, growing facial hair to help raise awareness and money for cancer research. It's a fall day in the Flower City and the Learn to Sew Class is gathering at the Gilda's Club of Rochester....

Girls Whose Quilts Were Stolen at the Fair Receive Gifts

After two state fair award-winning quilts made by sisters were stolen, officials at the State Fair of Texas stepped in to help on Wednesday. After two award-winning quilts made by a pair of young sisters were stolen, officials at the State Fair of Texas stepped in to help on Wednesday....

Cecil Duddley Mends: A fashion mogul in the making

When Cecil Duddley Mends reached under his grandma's bed and pulled out an old, cherished Singer sewing machine in the early 90s, he thought his little hands were just leading him on into another trouble, having received a few lashes in the past for fidgeting with expensive gadgets around the house, but in fact he was laying the foundations for his fast-rising fashion business, CDM Fashion Couture. Cecil's steady progress in Ghana's fashion industry was recently recognised by organis...

Feature: China's vocational education in bloom with industry integration

After an 18-hour contest against 30 competitors from around the world, 21-year-old Hu Ping won the gold medal in Fashion Technology at the 44th WorldSkills Competition. She cut her cloth well within the stipulated time and perfectly matched the pattern....

Back then, he just wanted to be cool. Decades later, Levia s says mission accomplished

Doug Hansen's patch pants have a home in Levi's history now that they're part of the company archive. They'll be on display in San Francisco Nov. 13-29....

Changing gears: From Studebakers to Orphan Grain Train bags

Bill Fintel of Hastings has been sewing school supply bags in his home sewing studio for Orphan Grain Train to be distributed to impoverished children in third world countries since Fall of 2013....

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