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Sewing News:

Washington man's invention to protect high-energy dogs

Labrador retriever Cruiser model the pink and black version of Mark Meyocks' vest in Selah, Wash., Monday, Aug. 7, 2017. Orvis will sell his vest in its catalogue and online in time for the fall hunting season....

Business Blends Broad Spectrum of Ability, Talent

Just after graduating early from Tupelo High School, Meri Hollis West spent the spring of 2015 working at an orphanage in Africa. Her mother, Julie, and youngest sister, Maddie, joined her there for a week that March....

About Town: Events for August, September

DETAILS: Law Center Chancellor John K. Pierre will talk about the history of the historically black law school, which was established in 1946 when Charles J. Hatfield III, a black military veteran, sought admission to the LSU's Law Center. Although he met the academic requirements, Hatfield was denied admission because of his race....

Stitch, sew, there you go at Texas children's camp

In this July 13, 2017, photo, Andrea Degalia draws a line on fabric for one of her students as Samantha Cochran, 10, left, and her 7-year-old sister Miranda watch during the Stitches of Fun program, a 4-H sewing camp at the JT Ranch Quilt Shop in Cisco, Texas. Degalia is the Family and Consumer Sciences county agent for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Eastland County....

Sewing team give boost to QA

The funds were raised by asking staff, who wanted adjustments to their non-work clothing, for donations which are collected and given to a good cause every few months. In August, the chosen charity was the Patient Experience and Liaison Service Fund - which recently opened and is based in the Portsmouth Hospitals Charity....

Book Review: Books about Sewing for Men

At Threads , we focus on techniques for sewing womenswear and on women's fashion, because our audience is mainly female. However, we know many of our readers also sew for the men in their lives, and--perhaps more important--we are well aware of the growing numbers of men who have either returned to sewing or are taking up the art for the first time....

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