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Why Create a Costume Design Sketchbook

Creating and filling a costume design sketchbook is one of the most enjoyable things you can do. As well as keeping a running record of your creations it can double as a journaling sketchbook....

Unsung Hero: Stockton woman's one-of-a-kind bears aid children who have experienced trauma

Each bear was made with different colorful fabric and a lot of love. The four teddy bears, just like the 42 others Jeanette Jensen made before those, all have a special purpose....

It's Sew Easy

IT'S SEW EASY is an exciting new show offering a novel approach to sewing. The focus is on contemporary style, not age....

Artist Ellen Macomber turns her century-old Victorian home into a playful, creative outlet

Artist Ellen Macomber was born in New Orleans, raised in Abbeville, studied interior design at LSU, asked for a sewing machine for graduation, and spent her post-college years in a blur of travel, traipsing from Turkey to Trinidad, designing, sewing, painting and generally soaking up life as a hippy artist. Now as a wife, mom and business owner, with a gallery on Magazine Street, a large commissioned project for Tulane University underway and several upcoming Carnival headdress-making workshops ...

Sewing by the Yard

One yard of fabric is just long enough to be made into so many functional home decor items. Throw pillows add a pop of color to couch, chair or bed; covering those much used kitchen countertop appliances seem to hide them in plain sight and quick to sew table runners and dresser scarves help to provide some protection from scratches or spills....

Museum run entirely by volunteers to keep moving forward

Soon after Glenrock's Paleon Museum opened, Robert Bakker walked into the prep lab and saw 23 women gathered around tables, working meticulously. It might have looked and sounded a little like a sewing bee....

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