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Sewing News:

Helpful tips for making homemade Halloween costumes

With Halloween fast approaching, the hunt is on for the ideal costumes that will transform mere mortals into favorite superheroes, movie stars, products or characters. But don't be limited by store-bought costumes....

Havas launches Take This Thread, a bold movement to help break the patterns of abuse

The statistics regarding domestic abuse in South Africa are beyond comprehension. With one out of five women a victim of domestic violence, there are, on average, 360 incidences of sexual and physical assault daily....

Applique Methods

Viewed as a textile craft with a long history, applique motifs are found as surface decoration on clothing, bedding, quilts, religious garments and banners, hats, umbrellas, tents and more. The applied shapes can very elaborate and precisely detailed as evidence by the work of skilled artisans from Indian, African, Native American and American Colonial cultures to name a few....

Castlemaine-born fashion student set to take on the industry

After serving in the military as a signals corps combat soldier, Hayley Shanahan is about to embark on a completely new career. The Castlemaine-turned-Lancefield fashion designer will start her fashion career next year full of confidence after securing a major award the Tafe designer of the year award at the Australia Fashion Awards at the weekend....

Iran's new breed of charities on poverty frontline

Iranian street children sponsored by the Imam Ali Foundation play football during a tournament in Tehran on August 15 AFP/ATTA KENARE TEHRAN: At an outreach centre in southern Tehran, teenagers are learning to be journalists, while upstairs their mothers are fine-tuning their sewing skills and rushing to fill an order for hospital uniforms. The brand-new centre in the working-class neighbourhood of Shahr-e Rey caters to hundreds of struggling families and Afghan refugees....

It's not too late for a Halloween costume DIY

Some discount fabric, a cheap long-sleeve shirt and a couple of stitches can be the start to a homemade sea monster costume....

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