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Sewing News:

5 Kid-Friendly Sewing Projects for Winter Break

Keep your kids busy during winter break with some fun easy sewing projects. The projects listed below are recommended for kids ages 8-12, and adult supervision is recommended! If your child is new to sewing, make sure to introduce him to the machine and point out all of the machine functions....

Meet 7 Etsy Artists From Colorado That Make the Perfect Gifts

Want to send the perfect Colorado gift this year, but have no idea what to get You can't mail marijuana, so skip the Colorado merchandise and shop on Etsy for a present that's authentically made in our state by local artists in Colorado. These Etsy crafters are extremely talented, and your loved one will love your unique present....

In stitches at the Eagle Creek Quilt Shop

Quilters at Open Sewing with Ann and Teddy at Eagle Creek Quilt Shop work on projects in what was once a waiting room in the historic train depot. An antique pincushion on display in Shakopee's Eagle Creek Quilt Shop has been in owner Lori Gillick's family for generations....

Recurring Meetings

If you would like to participate in the Mingo County Schools Wellness Committee, please contact the Mingo County Child Nutrition Office at 304-235-7213....

Sewing and 3D printers for you to try inside Wollongong Library

NIFTY: Ashleigh Butler demonstrates one of the new learning tools at The Lab which is inside Wollongong City Library. Picture: Sylvia Liber If you've ever wanted to learn how to 3D print something or use a sewing machine to stitch up that hole in your jeans you can do it now at Wollongong City Library....

Warm treatment

Teresa Best, right, gives a handmade quilt to Andrea Burnett, left, at the Southeastern Medical Oncology Center Wednesday. Best sewed 12 quilts for chemotherapy patients at SMOC, where her mother, Annette Thayer, is also a patient....

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