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How to Make a Super-Simple Crochet Hook Caddy

Posted by LindaPermann Keep your crochet hooks corralled with a pretty hook case. This version starts with a store-bought place mat to make it quick and easy, perfect for beginning sewers. ...

Just in Time Stole: Whip Up a Lacy Wrap to Ring in the New Year

Posted by Tina_Hilton A wrap made of a glitzy yarn is the perfect way to ramp up the style volume. ...

How to Knit an Easy Holiday Ornament Adornment

Posted by Tina_Hilton This easy elegant knitted ornament cover makes the perfect handmade gift from the heart that is destined to become a treasured heirloom. ...

Crafting Veteran Vickie Howell Hosts Web-Based Knitting Series

Posted by MeganCooney Become a part of Vickies knitting community through her new series, The Knit Show with Vickie Howell. ...

Video: How to Make a Knitting Bag from Two Bandanas

Posted by EvamarieGomez Learn how to make a wonderful knitting bag using two bandanas. ...

Restyle Sweater Sleeves into Leg Warmers

Posted by Tina_Hilton Fashion a pair of warm and toasty leg warmers in record time by disconnecting sleeves from a sweater in the back of your closet or from the racks of your local thrift. ...

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  • Egyptian Headpiece

    Egyptian Headpiece
    When we have some downtime at the office, we fall back on a couple of tried-and-true brain games to help keep us sharp. Chess and Future Archaeologists. Reall...(more)

    $12.99 More Details
  • TMNT 2 Child Deluxe Bebop Costume

    TMNT 2 Child Deluxe Bebop Costume
    When you ask your child what he wants to be when he grows up, there are tons of answers that might come out of his mouth. Some kids can't wait to grow up to be ...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Kids Dark Villain Set

    Kids Dark Villain Set
    If there weren't any villains, there wouldn't be any superheros! Give the good guys something to fight for when you dress your child in this kids dark villain s...(more)

    $1.99 More Details
  • Rusty Candelabra

    Rusty Candelabra
    Are you a spooky castle ghost? Do you get sick of candles sputtering out when you walk into a room? It's not fair, you should still get to read your favorite bo...(more)

    $29.99 More Details
  • Corner Spider Web w/Spider

    Corner Spider Web w/Spider
    Most people have arachnophobia to one degree or another. And we ™d wager to say that more than a few of your guests will shriek in terror when they see t...(more)

    $24.99 More Details
  • Mummy Cat Prop

    Mummy Cat Prop
    Anyone who's ever had a cat knows that if you bring a piece of gauze, or anything resembling a piece of gauze, near them, the feline will either A) attack the g...(more)

    $12.99 More Details
  • Hanging Reaper with Sickle

    Hanging Reaper with Sickle
    Some people have welcome mats. Others have seasonal wreaths adorning their front doors. You march to the beat of your own drum and prefer to greet guests with t...(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • String of Nerve Garland

    String of Nerve Garland
    If you want an extra creepy haunted house this Halloween then the best way to accomplish that is by having plenty of gory decorations! Grab fake body parts and ...(more)

    $16.99 More Details
  • Bloody Cargo Net

    Bloody Cargo Net
    It's never good when you stumble across a bloody cargo net. Honestly, in almost every situation, blood is probably not a sign of things going well! But, especia...(more)

    $14.99 More Details
  • Gargoyle with Eyes

    Gargoyle with Eyes
    Whenever you see a gargoyle, you may feel a little uneasy, like this grotesque, stone creature is watching you. You may take a bit of comfort in hearing that th...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Light Up Realistic Vulture

    Light Up Realistic Vulture
    Nothing signals looming death quite like a vulture. If you're crawling through the desert and see a vulture perched on a tree limb above you, it's nature's way ...(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • Remote Control Spider

    Remote Control Spider
    Remote control cars are cool and all, but we have a bone to pick with them. Can they make your sister or girlfriend shriek like a banshee at the sight of it? Do...(more)

    $34.99 More Details
  • Wing Flapping Bat

    Wing Flapping Bat
    While there is no official animal of Halloween, we would like to cast our vote for the vampire bat, although, the black cat did run a formidable campaign! B...(more)

    $29.99 More Details
  • Outdoor Ghost with Witch Hat

    Outdoor Ghost with Witch Hat
    Choosing the right yard decoration for the Halloween season is a tricky proposition. You don ™t want to overdo it with too many inflatables, but on the o...(more)

    $44.99 More Details
  • String of Bats

    String of Bats
    Have you ever felt or been told that you're acting a bit batty? Well, before you go completely mental and lose your grip on reality, you need to grab a hold of ...(more)

    $6.99 More Details
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